The weekend has started

There is a new day awaiting me. As so many others. We shall see what this day brings. I might go swimming. I think it needs to be a little warmer for that. But just chilling by the water could be relaxing too. I could bring badminton and beach ball. A football could be fun. Hmm, I might actually go. Hmm. There is also a market on Saturday’s in the city centre. Ooh! I’d love some cheese. Yep. I know what I am doing today. I am getting cheese. I might also find a place to turn a DVD into something that can be put on a USB. Technology keeps on changing. VCR to DVD to USB and if you just look at those words, they actually seem kind of strange.

Tomorrow I’ll go bowling probably. A friend was as enthusiastic about the plan as I am. I hope my back can handle it. But yeah, we’ll be bowling for an hour and I won’t be throwing all the time. I am actually looking forward to it. Fun!

I might see a friend this weekend that I haven’t seen in a long time. Otherwise we’ll see each other
another time. I do miss hanging out with him though. He is a lot of fun. I hope he’ll come and live closer by soon.

It’s a pity that when I have so many aches and pains that you don’t really feel like doing anything. Luckily, I’ll see my G.P. next week again. A wasp decided to sting me and the place of the bite is starting to look better. Apparently, I am allergic. Sometimes not talking to others and just going out and being in nature by myself is all I need. I went to ‘Het Engelse Werk’ yesterday. Literally translated: ‘The English Work’. Oh, how I love language. During the summer season we get a lot of tourists. Drei farben I heard a woman say about a cat. Drie kleuren is what I said back. Even calling it a lapjeskat was similar. Dutch has influences originating from German, French and English. A lovely mishmash. I am training my English during the summer. I have this app called Elevate and I occasionally use my Cambridge book.


Taking care of the plants 🙂

Always look on the bright side of life

I am feeling very tired and my stomach hurts. It has been hurting for three months now. Let’s hope it will get better. The other pains will hopefully soon be dealt with too. I am going to a pediatrician.

For the rest I had a really bad moment yesterday evening. I came across a man who hasn’t been kind to me. He started to touch me and I totally panicked. This resulted in me fleeing away into a bar that was already closed. The bouncer had to grab my arm and keep tucking at it because I was so scared I kept pulling away. He proceeded to angrily walk towards me and tell me I could never enter this bar again. Then he tried to take a picture of me. I’d say I found the whole experience quite traumatic.

For the rest this week has been quite nice. It has been really hot weather and I got the chance to go swimming with friends and my date. I really enjoyed that. I might go swimming this weekend. That’s something to look forward too.

I might just feel better now if a grab a little something to eat and watch one of my favourite shows: ‘Taskmaster’! I love that show. I am so lucky to have seen one live. That was with Theo. He was so much fun. It makes me sad to think of him and know that he is so far away. Who knows, I might visit him some day in Wisconsin. I have never been to the United States.

I am lying in bed while I am typing and there is a cat lying on the bed too. He is the cutest. His name is Floris. One of the most kind cats I have met. I am at my date’s house at the moment. He is also one of the most kind persons I have met. I am happy to be here.

This weekend we’re off. I hope we will have a good time. I hope you are okay wherever you are. Until next time! X


Two months of Zwollywood

I think I have been in the Netherlands for two months now. Sometimes I still think in English and use English words. Do I miss England? I guess I miss having an adventure. Me just going to Hastings for no reason at all. Just wanted to be out. By myself. I mean I could do that now too obviously. But let’s say the fatigue is still kicking in. Luckily, I finally know what is physically wrong with me and now I’ll take a few pills and hopefully it will all be over by Monday.

Hopefully, I’ll start feeling better rested and more joyful. I might actually have a different job this summer. We’ll see. I am looking forward to next weekend. I’ll be a weekend away with my date. That’s nice. This weekend I am seeing a childhood friend. He moved from Watford to Amsterdam. He’ll be living in the Netherlands for two years. I am curious to hear what he thinks of my city Zwollywoooood.

It’s nice weather. Next week it will be nearly 40 degrees Celsius. I’ll be hiding away somewhere in the shade. Possibly swimming. For now, the temperature is nice. My cat is hanging around. Trying to catch the sparrows. I bought food for the sparrows. Now I have several visiting my balcony. I enjoy taking care of plants, birds and my cat. My cat can be really cute. A neighbour is sending me pictures of him laying on her sofa.

I am starting to get used to my new situation. I am living with a new housemate. She brings her date around a lot. It’s like living with two new people. It’s starting to feel a little crowded. But so far she has been quite pleasant. And we’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other.

Dear Jos, if you are reading this. We miss you. Neighbour Yoeri misses you too. That’s to our previous neighbour Jos who is in Switzerland. I spend a lot of time on our huge roof terrace with Yoeri and he misses his old housemate Jos. Yoeri and I are taking care of the plants. We love it.

I am wondering if people actually still read this since I have been back for two months now. I can imagine people have lost interest. Being abroad sounds so exciting. I guess it was in a way. I experienced a lot of new things. Saw new places. I really liked going to a hostel by myself. I might do that again in the future. It was a lot of fun. I do miss the people I met there. I do stay in touch.

Wherever you are, I hope you are having a good time. Say hi to the butterflies and the bees and enjoy your day! Until next time! x

Zwollywood, you are pretty

Celebrating being home

I am two months in the Netherlands! Time flies. Yes, when you are having fun. Luckily, I am also having fun. That’s what I want to celebrate in this blog. Being home and having fun with lovely people. Yesterday I went on a lovely boot trip. We made jokes and we relaxed. I was with three really close friends of mine. They also like each other and therefore the atmosphere is very  easy going. The four of us went on this boat. A big boat and we even sailed quite a bit. Not having to listen to the motor is so relaxing. You can hear the waves and the birds. Sun on your cheeks and good company. I am glad we went. I’ve also visited our previous housemate. She has a little place of her own now. She is meeting the neighbours and her studies is going really well. She made a nice dinner for us and huge mugs of tea. Oh, her tea is just the best. img_8412 I’ve also seen two good friends who I hadn’t seen in seven weeks, who I usually see every week. It was nice to see them. They are friendly, supportive and fun. Lastly, I am enjoying dating with this lovely guy. He is just so nice and funny. He is easy going and my friends like him too, which is very important to me. We are giving each other flowers. Cute, ha? I have a surprise for him in store. I hope it’ll be a nice weekend together. Now really last but not least I have enjoyed spending some time with family. I went to a birthday of my nephew. He is growing up! 21 already. He is so tall. I hope he leaves the village one day and has a beautiful life of his own. He is doing quite well right now, which makes me happy. And I have seen two very important family members. My fostermoms. They are special to me. One of them gave me her favourite flowers from the garden. Lathyrus. I have already put some of the seeds in a pot. We’ll see what happens. It was nice to spend time with them and enjoy a meal together. I also cuddled the dog. Cutie. I hope you are doing well, wherever you are and until next time! X

Life is life

I am just so damn tired. I am cleaning my room and trying to clean everything in my head. But if you try to clean everything at once, you become very tired. I think most of my physical pain is stress related. My legs aren’t the same height which causes pain but the stress makes it ten times worse. It’s time to take some me time. I just went swimming. I don’t feel better but it didn’t get worse which I felt coming. The tears were coming but for a change I held them back.

I wish I could say I’m doing better. Everything is better once you are back home. Well, it’s not. And I knew that. You just take your feelings wherever you go. Angry, sad, scared. Luckily, I am also happy and sometimes hopeful. Appreciative. But I really need to take care of myself.

Good news: I managed to speak well and motivate my portfolio. Got the marks back and I nailed it. I might be able to do my study quicker than normal. Let’s see how it goes. That was such good news though that I cried and afterwards played we are the champions.

I am also surrounded by friends which is nice. It is nice to be in the company of people who know you well and you can joke around with. Or a friend who celebrates that you finished your portfolio and that he got a new job.

Life is life. Let’s see how I feel next week. I hope you are doing well wherever you are. Until next time! X

Enjoying new plants and space since my drumkit is sold!