Always look on the bright side of life

I am feeling very tired and my stomach hurts. It has been hurting for three months now. Let’s hope it will get better. The other pains will hopefully soon be dealt with too. I am going to a pediatrician.

For the rest I had a really bad moment yesterday evening. I came across a man who hasn’t been kind to me. He started to touch me and I totally panicked. This resulted in me fleeing away into a bar that was already closed. The bouncer had to grab my arm and keep tucking at it because I was so scared I kept pulling away. He proceeded to angrily walk towards me and tell me I could never enter this bar again. Then he tried to take a picture of me. I’d say I found the whole experience quite traumatic.

For the rest this week has been quite nice. It has been really hot weather and I got the chance to go swimming with friends and my date. I really enjoyed that. I might go swimming this weekend. That’s something to look forward too.

I might just feel better now if a grab a little something to eat and watch one of my favourite shows: ‘Taskmaster’! I love that show. I am so lucky to have seen one live. That was with Theo. He was so much fun. It makes me sad to think of him and know that he is so far away. Who knows, I might visit him some day in Wisconsin. I have never been to the United States.

I am lying in bed while I am typing and there is a cat lying on the bed too. He is the cutest. His name is Floris. One of the most kind cats I have met. I am at my date’s house at the moment. He is also one of the most kind persons I have met. I am happy to be here.

This weekend we’re off. I hope we will have a good time. I hope you are okay wherever you are. Until next time! X


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