The girl who moves


I would love to explain this to you, how I move around. Where I go and what I do, but I’m afraid I can’t. I feel like I am. I am a soul, very bright and my soul is and doesn’t move. I just am, nothing more. It makes me feel empty. As if I should be filled with thoughts, feelings and information, but if I would be completely filled, I wouldn’t be bright anymore. I would be full of colours, I would be full. Too full. So I prefer just to be.

So I am, but my body wants to move and to dance. My mind wants to think and I want to feel, in my heart, in my stomach, in my mind. I want feel goose bumps, warmth, brightness, fear and sadness. The raging fire, the blood pumping through me. I want to move. I want to grow. I want to know. I want to know who I am. But I am. I already am. I am. Now. Tomorrow, the next day. In the past, I am.

Why would I keep searching if I already am? Because I would like to grow, figure out new things and get more insights. So I am. My soul is. My body and mind grows. Does my body keep growing? Or do I just become wrinkled and old? I know my body is still very capable, even if it becomes older. But would it still grow? Maybe, I might find out more things about my body. I would call that growth.

People keep learning. We always learn. Animals learn. Every living thing. Even the trees, the plants. We feel, we grow, we adapt, we learn. We know. We know what is best. Deep down. Or maybe not even deep down. Maybe we just know.

I have been moved, removed, taken away, been abandoned, been taken in, set free, to want to go back, only to have been set free again. To move.

I have moved so much. I wouldn’t even know how to stop. Or to know where my roots actually are. Or if it even matters. I wonder if I should just stay. Prove to myself I could stay. Maybe I have already. Maybe I don’t have to. I know. I don’t have to do anything. I know what is best.

I know. I will move.