Celebrating being home

I am two months in the Netherlands! Time flies. Yes, when you are having fun. Luckily, I am also having fun. That’s what I want to celebrate in this blog. Being home and having fun with lovely people. Yesterday I went on a lovely boot trip. We made jokes and we relaxed. I was with three really close friends of mine. They also like each other and therefore the atmosphere is very  easy going. The four of us went on this boat. A big boat and we even sailed quite a bit. Not having to listen to the motor is so relaxing. You can hear the waves and the birds. Sun on your cheeks and good company. I am glad we went. I’ve also visited our previous housemate. She has a little place of her own now. She is meeting the neighbours and her studies is going really well. She made a nice dinner for us and huge mugs of tea. Oh, her tea is just the best. img_8412 I’ve also seen two good friends who I hadn’t seen in seven weeks, who I usually see every week. It was nice to see them. They are friendly, supportive and fun. Lastly, I am enjoying dating with this lovely guy. He is just so nice and funny. He is easy going and my friends like him too, which is very important to me. We are giving each other flowers. Cute, ha? I have a surprise for him in store. I hope it’ll be a nice weekend together. Now really last but not least I have enjoyed spending some time with family. I went to a birthday of my nephew. He is growing up! 21 already. He is so tall. I hope he leaves the village one day and has a beautiful life of his own. He is doing quite well right now, which makes me happy. And I have seen two very important family members. My fostermoms. They are special to me. One of them gave me her favourite flowers from the garden. Lathyrus. I have already put some of the seeds in a pot. We’ll see what happens. It was nice to spend time with them and enjoy a meal together. I also cuddled the dog. Cutie. I hope you are doing well, wherever you are and until next time! X

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