First week in London

My first impression of London is that is it vast and there are sirens going off every minute. London is as big as the province of Utrecht back home in the Netherlands. It has 9 million inhabitants compared to 17 million people living in the whole of the Netherlands. Whether I am in the park or just waiting at a bus stop, someone will speak to me. There is always something to do and to see. We are lucky with the COVID restrictions here. I can go to the cinema and have seen the Matrix. It might be your cup of tea but I would say it is nightmare material. I am looking forward to going to the theatre and seeing Life of Pi or Frozen. Life of Pi is one of my favorite films. The Harry Potter experience is also awaiting me which will be in Watford, very near to London, which is my birthplace.

The first days were hectic finding my way, my accommodation, getting beddings and cookery supplies and not to forget toilet paper. If you are an international student, you will know what I am talking about. We just had the welcome week with here and there some historical facts such as the London bridge being through a lot: it has been destroyed, the pieces left stolen, brought to Arizona to make a new bridge there and who knows when it will be destroyed again. Honestly, the Tower Bridge is much more exciting to look at. It was built in the Victorian time but Queen Victoria just mimicked other bridges from other times which she thought to be beautiful and that is why it looks like a castle. Fun fact: in assassins creed you can climb it. In real life at the top it became a red light district area and that is why they closed it. I still hope there is an opportunity to climb it though or climb St. Pauls Cathedral or another tower with an astonishing view.

Next week my creative classes will start: photography and hopefully documentary. I will keep you updated!

2 thoughts on “First week in London

  1. Hi Frances!
    What an awesome adventure you’re going on. I’ve been to London for a weekend trip once. Great city with lots to do and see. I loved Life of Pi as well. Have fun, I’ll keep up with reading the blog.

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