A new day

Yesterday was a hard day, but the rest of the week was great and today is a new day. Today I’ll pick up some photos at the Hema. I love this store since it brings a lot of joy into my life. Candles are lit and photographs are on walls, in a frame or without a frame and they are frequently rearranged. I even have plants from there. They were my first plants. I bought plants there and gifted them. They are still alive and bring joy to others.

Buying new shoes can be rewarding if I finally find a pair and once I have brought them home and worn them, they still fit well. Only then it is rewarding, but since I have big feet it is nightmare buying shoes. Whoever is reading this and has tips, they are very much welcome!

I’ll also have to do some homework and I will start with that. I have three choices regarding that and somehow I feel like starting with the one that wasn’t obliged. Afterwards, I still need to prepare a call and then I can finally enjoy a shower and some breakfast. Hmm, maybe I need to rearrange the order of those things a little bit.

My cat is home, but he already wants to leave. He has better places to go, other people who feed him, and more adventures coming up.

I hope you are having a good time wherever you are and until next time! X

Jazzy morning

It’s cold and grey outside. The jazz music is playing. I am typing. My stomach is hurting. I am finally writing. I have made myself comfortable under two blankets and two pillows. There is even a pillow under my laptop which enables me to relax my legs instead of keeping the laptop at eye level by bending my legs and balancing the laptop on my legs. After all these months I have found this life hack. It’s nice to be comfortable.

This evening I’ll put all the candles on and a good friend will be coming over and I’ll cook vegan for him, we’ll watch a movie and joke about which actor/actress is good looking. It sounds like a lovely day. OMG! I am just happy to not date for a while. I mean I will miss some attention once in a while. Nevertheless, if the alternative is spending time with loved ones and less stress, I am signing up!

Today I also want to get some pots. This way I can repot some plants that clearly need more room. They have been living inside the same pot for too long. The neighbour gave me this great advice. I just carry the pots on the back of my bike or maybe in a huge bag that I can hang on the steering wheel.

This week has been crazy busy. I had a date and prior to the date I slept horribly. The date wasn’t that great. Can happen. We still enjoyed playing football though and I think I should listen to more of my records. We listened to jazz together. It makes me so so happy.

I stayed over at my mothers’s house. I didn’t sleep very well but I liked being able to work outside with one of my moms. Ploughing through the earth and being able to harvest some veggies that I ate yesterday with my housemates. I think cooking has become much more a thing in my life. I also really like cooking for others and discovering new recipes via others. I hope to cook for my niece soon. She came to live in my city Zwollywood and I am absolutely loving it. We are bumping into each other all the time and taking pictures together. Fun! Playing with the frisbee, lending her some books, giving her a plant. I hope she’ll like it here. I don’t mind having my niece in my lovely city.

I am also busy with homework and with my new internship. I love it. It is scary but I love presenting. It’s drama in a way. I like to take the stage and be the centre of attention. I like to see how all these faces smile when I do. I like the interaction. I love speaking English. Yes, yes, I am becoming an English teacher. A teacher of English.

I’ve come up with a great lesson for next week. It involves a skateboard and a pocketknife. I’ll tell you more about that but for now it will remain a mystery…

I hope you are having a good time wherever you are and until next week! X

My niece!

Good stories and new adventures

I’ve got good stories. I found someone’s card outside and decided the find the owner. I came across an elderly lady who was walking her dog. She told me there were different sizes of her dog and that hers was one of the smaller ones. She knew the name that was written on the card. It was very familiar to her. She took me to her place and we searched all the names that were written next to the bells that belonged to the flat. We didn’t find the name at the first flat but there it was at the second flat where she lived. It happened to be her neighbour. She invited me into her home and looked up the telephone number of the neighbour. I gave her my details just in case we would need it to complete this quest. The next day the adventure ended with an English student, just like myself, showing up at my door and getting her card back that belonged to a bank which she was going to need on her travels to England. We said our goodbyes and that’s the end of the story.

I’ve also managed to find an internship. I had an interview yesterday and I can start immediately next week. I’ll be standing in front of the class all by myself teaching English to students that sometimes aren’t even that much younger than myself. It will be a new adventure.

I am also getting quite close to this guy I’ve met online. We speak to each other every day. It’s like having a friend in your pocket and he goes wherever you go. I hope we will like each other when we finally meet. This is also a new adventure.

School has started and I am meeting up with people I know and getting to know people. New classes, new expectations but still the same teachers and school. I guess in some way it is nice to be a third year. You already know a few things about the study and you know the building which just makes life slightly easier. More convenient. I do miss one particular student though! Very much! He had to stop with his studies because of his health. It actually makes me very sad. Maybe I can write him a card…

I’ve also started work again. You could say same old same old, but there are actually a few new students. Next week I’ll be working there on Monday. It means I have a busy week coming up. This week is also very busy already. I’m trying to manage my time to the best of my advantages. We’ll see. I’ll try to do my homework today and tomorrow. Maybe I’ll try to do some in the train on my way to school next week. Or Sunday morning. I’ll figure it out.

Nice that all of these new adventures have started and that I took my responsibility to get an internship and that I am doing it! Cool! Plus, I am not too cool for school. Let’s goooooo!

I hope you are having a good time wherever you are and until next time! X

A whole week has passed

I kept a blog a day. That was interesting. It’s much easier and interesting to write about what happened rather than what is going to happen. So, this blog will be about the past week.

Monday was a rough start. I wasn’t feeling too good. I managed though. I had multiple phone calls, got a new towel, did some grocery shopping, went swimming, enjoyed a nice view for how much of it I could enjoy since I spent that day in my head. I was excited about the day before that though.

Sunday was nice. I met with a friend and he offered me to go on a skiing trip together. Pumped! We saw horses. One farted. We walked over a shitty route. I laughed at how uncomfortable he was on a bike. He enjoyed it anyway. Riding the bike I mean. We went to see some wakeboarders. I called them water dudes.

Tuesday. Tuesday was a weird day. A full day. Initially I had nothing to do and then I decided to go to the library. I told a complete stranger something very intimate. I met with a guy online who I might go on a date one day. I bumped into my niece and a very good friend of mine called. We sat down, talked about our friendship and what was going on in her life. Afterwards I cooked dinner and talked to my housemate, got my heels and my car key and left to Deventer to go salsa dancing. For the first two danced I was shaking. Literally. I didn’t notice but people told me who asked me to dance. It was a bit of a full day with a lot of impressions. After all of the dancing I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to dance with someone I met the week before as much as I liked and I called my housemate. We talked. We talked about dating and about a common friend and it calmed me down. I was ready to drive home. When I came home he gave me a hug, we ate something and went to bed.

Wednesday. I was supposed to go kickboxing but I cancelled and this made sure that I had enough energy to go salsa dancing in Zwolle. During the day I chatted with this guy I met on the internet. We did a videocall again. I took him to my favourite park. I showed him a beautiful tree, a lovely old street, people enjoying the sun. We talked and had discussions which was maybe a little too much for me. Usually I don’t like discussions that much and I was tired and it could’ve been the reason I got into one. But you know, maybe it is part of getting to know each other. That part is going really fast by the way. In the evening I went salsa dancing and it was hilarious. There was a guy with sunglasses in his hair and a tie-dyed shirt who made the silliest joke I’ve ever heard. I could repeat it but you know… Maybe not. He would shake my arms when he heard bells in the music. The whole thing was hilarious. Okay, here goes the joke: did you know that they put soap on the dancefloor at the first of April? No. That’s because they don’t. It’s the first of April. Just let that sink in. Hahaha, just so stupid. But he was a nice guy and I got the chance to dance the rueda. That was so much fun. At one point I was imitating a car. I was surprised and filled with joy at the same time. I hope to go salsa dancing again with all of them next Friday.

Thursday. I was meant to go to Dalfsen. A little village nearby. I didn’t. Plans were rearranged. I had a chilled morning. I started to have horrible cramps. I was knackered. The guy that I met online wanted to videocall once again about something very deep and I was really not up for it. I call him later that evening and explained why. He told me I didn’t have to explain and that he would take it down a notch. That was very chill. I somehow managed to cook dinner for myself that day. I was in such pain. I did meet up with a friend though. We played football. The cramps came later. It was nice to see this friend. I called him later in the evening. He is such a patient and calming and fun presence. Happy to have him in my life.

Friday. Oh, that was a good day. I enjoyed a calm start of the day with writing three things down that I am grateful for, writing my blog and mindfulness. I was knackered once again but managed to sell an item of Marktplaats. It’s the Dutch E-Bay I suppose. Then I knew I had to get dressed because I would meet with a friend in the park. I showered, ate something and still managed to be too late. Brushed my teeth, got a sandwich from the supermarket and made my way to the park. We talked about men, the future, her holiday, friends and we played beachball. We both went home and I did some laundry, relaxed and then discovered that both my housemates were ill and that could possibly explain why I was feeling a bit off too. Our old housemate came to visit us and we ordered food and went to a silent disco. We danced truly silly. It was nice to be with the four of us again. I suppose you don’t know what you miss until that friendly interested soft presence is there again to join you in adventures. We hugged each other and it makes me long for old times but it’s good to know she is just around the corner.

Saturday was a nice day too. I went to the market and the supermarket in the morning when I still had the energy. I bought beautiful flowers. Violets and something that blooms in autumn. Can you believe it? It’s autumn but it’s nearly thirty degrees Celsius. I got to play with a frisbee in the park with a friend, got stung by a bee, made dinner for three and after that still visited my niece. Before the park I bumped into my niece, nephew and aunt. That was lovely. We sat down together and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a busy day and I didn’t stay for too long at my niece’s new place. She really like her new plant though that I gave her.

And today it is Sunday. When I look back at this I can see how much I actually do. Especially for a week where I had no work and did a little bit of study. I suppose I am a very active person and I like to be surrounded by people. I really do. Maybe that is nice about having housemates. They are simply the best dun dun dun dun!

Today will hopefully be a relaxed day. I hope to talk to the guy I’ve been chatting with lately. Maybe a nice walk, I might come across my cat who gave us a visit this week and I’ll take care of the plants. I’ll have a nice shower and read a little bit. Who knows, this evening there is an outdoor cinema. I might ask our old housemate to go and see Aladdin.

I hope you are having a good time wherever you are and until next time! X


There are so many songs with Saturday in it. I like the one Elton John sang. Or better: sings. I mean he is still alive. Not like my heroes Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Omg, if I could have one day with them and listening to their songs, that would be magical. Now, I’ll have to enjoy my record. I have been spinning records lately. The Beatles. I also sang ‘Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly…’ but my English friend didn’t even recognise it! Shame! Oh well.

Today I have nothing planned. The only thing I know is that I think I might get some bread at the market. It’s about a ten-minute walk. I like that about living in the city centre. Everything is in close proximity. I also really love living in my city because all my wonderful friends live here. I thought about my time in London and how lonely I’ve also been there and how wonderful it is to have so many close friends here that know me so well and that I can have fun with and love.

I woke up really happy today. I went to the silent disco with friends. With Mausehause! We enjoyed ourselves so much. We danced stupidly and sang loudly. We enjoyed each other company whilst eating food and having some tea. We lit some self-made candles and hugged each other. Yes, yes, very mushy. I enjoyed it.

I hope you are well wherever you are and until next time! X


The day began with the curtains shut and they stayed shut just as my eyes stayed shut. There was little movement in my body. Agonising pain was torturing me. I felt like staying under my safe soft warm duvet for the whole day.

I couldn’t. The doorbell rang. I put on my bathrobe and walked down two flights of stairs as quickly as possible. The doorbell rang again. My hair was fussy. I opened the door and she said: ‘Oh I am little early’. I said: ‘Oh sorry, I had to come from two flights of stairs.’ She gave me the money and I her item.

I chatted with a unknown man on my phone, showered, got dressed, took care of the plants, ate, brushed my teeth and went to the park. There I met a friend. She lied in the sun and she let me enjoy the shadow. We saw a rainbow and chatted. We played beachball and both left. I enjoyed it.

I went home, put the laundry in the washing machine, sat on my balcony, ate something and read a bit out of my book ‘The island of missing trees’.

Later on I’ll see some friends, we’ll eat together and go out. All in all, a good day, I’d say.

I hope you are having a good day wherever you are and until next time! X


I am thinking a lot about my past lately. I do have the feeling that my reactions aren’t appropriate though. I am reacting as that little kid that needed someone to stand up for her but I am not living in the past. I am living now. I don’t think diving in my past that much serves me. In that case humour is good for me. Making things not too big and going out to do sports such as dancing. I danced salsa and rueda yesterday. It was so much fun. The rueda was so unexpectedly fun. Such fun! Hahaha

Today I don’t have a lot to do but we can see what the weather is like and I could possibly go and read my book in the park or go for a nice bike ride. Oe! My friends are back from their holiday. I’ll ask how it was! And I’ll see a friend later today and we’re going to play some football. I am looking forward to it. I could also do a little bit of cleaning today. I mean that is never a bad idea. Well, at least for me. I am a bit messy.

I’ll also take care of the plants today and of myself of course. I could make a pasta dish that comes very easily to me but I could also maybe make some wraps. I think I should also go get some new washing pods and some new shampoo. I absolutely hate the new expensive shampoo I bought at the hairdresser. My hair feels greasy all the time and it has lost its softness. I don’t like it. As Chris Evan’s nephew would say: ‘I don’t wike it!’

I hope you are having a good time wherever you are and until next time! X


I haven’t opened the curtains just yet. In about twenty minutes someone will be ringing the doorbell and I’ll sell my card game. After that I was planning on going to the cinema but I am considering reading something or just hanging out and maybe taking a nap. Last night it was a little late since I went to salsa in Deventer.

Salsa can be so much fun. Such fun! Hahahaha. This is a reference to a show with Miranda in it. I love watching a lot of British shows. I suppose to a lot of Dutch people they are unknown but I really do enjoy them: Taskmaster, The big fat quiz, The Graham Norton Show and Would I Lie To You. I think I know a lot of British comedians too and I liked going to The Secret Comedy Club in London.

Even though I don’t feel as relaxed as I can be, I really feel like I can give myself a pat on the back. I am swimming, doing salsa, kickboxing and going to yoga. I am really trying my best to take care of myself. Trying to eat healthy. I still do mindfulness every morning. Sometimes you have to give yourself a little credit. Go on, stay strong, be kind and have fun!

Well with those words I’d like to end this lovely blog for today. I hope you are doing well wherever you are and until next time! X


This is the last week of holiday before school. I’m not too cool for school, hahahaha. In fact, I feel like taking my books and going to the library today. It will be a good way of keeping my mind occupied and in the here and now. I am studying to become an English teacher. That is what I am doing now. I love it too. So, let’s gooooo!

I am going to have some breakfast. Pack some lunch maybe or get some lunch there… Oe that sounds good. Yes, I’ll have a shower and get dressed. What to wear? I might go salsa dancing tonight. Hmm, I think I am going to wear a dress or a long skirt. Yep, dress it is.

I’ll make courgette with paprika, feta cheese and some pomegranate seeds later this evening and then I can flee my house and go dancing in Deventer. I say flee, because I don’t want to talk too much. I might have something nice to say this time and not make it too heavy. I am going through a period where I am a bit off balance but I could back into balance again. Just talk a little less and make things a little less heavy. Who knows, I might find the balance sooner than I thought.


What a difference a day makes. It’s a song. It is the way I am feeling right now. Yesterday I had a pretty good day. I knew today was going to be less good. Hopefully I’ll want to go swimming in an hour. I might feel relaxed afterwards.

I am glad I only have one week left of vacation. I am looking forward to go to school and work. I am scared about the internship I have to do but let’s not focus on that. School will give me purpose and work will give me fulfillment. That’s good. I’ll smile going home wanting to tell my housemates how my day was. Work is such a pleasure. I love helping kids with language. Especially English. My mother tongue. The only language I spoke when I was little. A little Frances.

Little Frances is taped with her mom to see if she could go back living with her since her mom needed care for two years and little Frances had to live in an orphanage. Well, even though I love having the tape, I know it is going to confuse me right now. Lately, it just feels like there are so many thoughts swimming around that there is no room for here and now. Peace. Relaxation. Calmness.

So, what I am going to do is try to remain as calm as possible. Maybe I’ll cook myself a lovely dinner and afterwards give the plants some water if they need it and does anyone know a good show to watch? Something relaxing on YouTube or Netflix? It sounds like a plan. Or maybe chatting. But yeah I actually need some rest. Let’s see if I can manage that somehow.

I hope you are doing well wherever you are and until next time! X