The first week of university

This week I haven’t seen much of London except a cold Jazz cafe called the Cable Cafe which I might be visiting tonight for some live Jazz. On Monday I studied there for my grammar exam which I passed just yesterday! It was a nice atmosphere where a lot of people just went to sit by themselves and enjoyed a toastie and some tea or coffee. They even had red bush tea! Most people were reading or working but some came to talk and you could hear the whole conversation. A look into their lives and it made me think that we all go through hard times or have questions or things to work out. Luckily, I have been calling friends and made new friends for a good conversation, a hug or really good fun. What is really good fun you say? Dancing and karaoke. I will not show the videos but it really gave me a boost which I needed. I must say I am more capable at dancing than singing but who cares, I dare! I’ve been to all my classes this week which are very interesting and creative. First, I was wondering why I am still studying English?! Creative things are way more mysterious but then I realized it is also quite emotional and sometimes it is nice to do something more rational such as teaching others words or grammar. I like a good mixture of both English and art. I have met interesting people who are from Italy and Portugal. They have been really friendly and welcoming. I hope to see more of them outside of class as well. During class I have seen a lot of documentaries and photographs to inspire us. I will be making a documentary and a photo book and I will do the binding with needle and thread myself. We are being taught how to use tools and in May there will be a pop-up store where we can sell our photo books. Exciting it is! This weekend I will spend time making a two-minute video out of the gaze of someone else. Wish me luck!

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