I am Frances Bensink. I study English and I am a tutor. I enjoy taking care of plants, dancing, swimming and hanging out with my cat Mause. He’s a weird one, but I love him.

I am also an orphan and a foster kid looking for recognition. If you are a foster kid/ orphan looking for a support group I would love to start one and I would love to get in contact with you.

This blog started for my minor abroad in London and I keep it going for anyone who is interested. You’ll find my weekly updates here on what’s going in my life.

I am creative in many different ways and one of them is writing and here and there you will find a creative blog. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Please leave a comment or email me with a reaction.

E-mail adress: francesbensink@live.nl

I speak fluently Dutch by the way! 😉

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