The weekend has started

There is a new day awaiting me. As so many others. We shall see what this day brings. I might go swimming. I think it needs to be a little warmer for that. But just chilling by the water could be relaxing too. I could bring badminton and beach ball. A football could be fun. Hmm, I might actually go. Hmm. There is also a market on Saturday’s in the city centre. Ooh! I’d love some cheese. Yep. I know what I am doing today. I am getting cheese. I might also find a place to turn a DVD into something that can be put on a USB. Technology keeps on changing. VCR to DVD to USB and if you just look at those words, they actually seem kind of strange.

Tomorrow I’ll go bowling probably. A friend was as enthusiastic about the plan as I am. I hope my back can handle it. But yeah, we’ll be bowling for an hour and I won’t be throwing all the time. I am actually looking forward to it. Fun!

I might see a friend this weekend that I haven’t seen in a long time. Otherwise we’ll see each other
another time. I do miss hanging out with him though. He is a lot of fun. I hope he’ll come and live closer by soon.

It’s a pity that when I have so many aches and pains that you don’t really feel like doing anything. Luckily, I’ll see my G.P. next week again. A wasp decided to sting me and the place of the bite is starting to look better. Apparently, I am allergic. Sometimes not talking to others and just going out and being in nature by myself is all I need. I went to ‘Het Engelse Werk’ yesterday. Literally translated: ‘The English Work’. Oh, how I love language. During the summer season we get a lot of tourists. Drei farben I heard a woman say about a cat. Drie kleuren is what I said back. Even calling it a lapjeskat was similar. Dutch has influences originating from German, French and English. A lovely mishmash. I am training my English during the summer. I have this app called Elevate and I occasionally use my Cambridge book.


Taking care of the plants 🙂

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