I found what brings me joy

I am learning a lot in one week. I had never used Indesign before and now I have. I must say creating art isn’t as easy as it seems. Photography and switching between lenses, seeing what works and not finding the correct subject you came for. It is a process. Honestly, it was pretty tiring putting all my energy and efforts into it. Also the printing and using Indesign. I think my teacher taught me a good lesson: don’t be negative, don’t blame it on others, go with the mistakes and accidents and be positive. I really needed to hear that. I did more work than was required but I discovered I also learned a lot. At the end of this page I will include some pictures.

We all have setbacks but to quote Gregory Porter: pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. That is what I did. I felt sad in this big concrete city with tall and modern buildings and subconsciously noticed in the film I made that I needed green surrounding me. I bought quite a large plant and am still enjoying its presence. I also needed a bit more of a homework/life balance and I found it. I found what brings me joy.

I went to the hairdresser and enjoyed the massage, the attention she gave to me and my hair. I could feel my body letting some tension go while my hair was being washed. Once I sat in front of the mirror the conversation started. She was half Spanish and half Mexican. Somehow the conversation went in the direction of salsa. I have had a few lessons in the Netherlands. She told me about this great place. Salsa temple just by the river. After that I only played salsa music and my housemate said: ‘Go put a dress on and go!’ And so I did.

I had my friend for back-up but I felt the excitement, fear and adrenaline rising whilst going on my own. I bumped into a bachata class and just paid on the spot and could join. After that I drank a cocktail with my partner and met others who also came on their own. There was a huge dance floor, colourful lights and couples dancing. I was asked to dance to salsa, bachata and even merengue. I smiled enjoying every bit of it. I know where I am hanging out on Thursday evenings.

New hair!
A day in the life of Frances