Adjusting to my new life

I am sitting on my sofa. My cat is close to me. I guess it is a scary time for him. After living at one place for so long and then a big change comes along, it means uncertainess to him. He jumps up on my lap, while he never used to do that. I guess it makes him feel more safe being near me. It actually calms me down as well. So, it has a good effect on both of us.

I can’t say that I miss my old place. It’s just that I was ready for a more calmer place. It’s very green here. There are blue tits, a robin and black birds. Flowers, trees and all the neighbours are very happy with my plants.

I finally had some time today to do some schoolwork. That is positive! And just having the maps of the U.K., America and Canada on the wall starts up a conversation when I have guests over which actually helps me study.

I guess through all of the changes and the bad news I just received, I am managing pretty well. My broken toe hurts and so does my back. I’ve ordered a lot of food lately, since I am too tired to even move a limb but I’ll get adjusted to everything and will have more energy left to cook. For sure.

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