New place

I’ve been living at my new place for a little over a week now. My old housemate just texted me with a joke about a famous football manager who’s English is infamous. Funny. Nice to hear from her. I haven’t had enough lunch and I woke up very early and my body is telling me to either eat and/or have a rest.

I just disoovered an L.P. Kiss me Kate. It’s great. I love it. The washing machine and the fridge are delivered. The first wash is already spinning in the washing machine. As we would say in Dutch: ‘kleine wasjes, grote wasjes, stop ze in de wasmachine’. It’s a song. A man also came to measure the glass in order to get better isolated glass in the windows. It won’t be here after the winter, though. That’s unfortunate. My sofa might take as long to be delivered. I’ve got a loan sofa though. That’s good. Now I can properly celebrate my birthday at my new place. I’m 28 and I have my own place. Who would have thought that. Plus, I’ve got a garden. In the city centre! Crazy. The only thing I still long for is a bath tub. I still have things to long for in the future.

Enjoying candle light and plants ❤

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