Mi casa

I’ve moved. Not to another city. Not to another country but just five minutes away. It’s really exciting. Also, stressful. My back hurts and I broke my toe. Got big feet, and sometimes my feet just get hurt. My friends helped me. We didn’t have much time to talk or catch up but it was great to have them there and the occasional joke was funny.

I really wanted to be here. At my new place. I’ve slept here for the past few days on a very thin mat on the floor. Mause, my cat, would sleep at the end of my bed. He does wake me up in the middle of the night. I think he’d rather be outside sometimes but he does like company. He comes and sits close to you and he purrs. Happy cat. He already made ‘friends’ with the neighbouring cat. They hissed at each other with a window between them.

I have discovered that I have a lot of plants and a lot of lamps. The plants are a bit overwhelming. I’ll need to find good spots for them since it feels a little crowded. My ginkgo isn’t looking too happy. They told me it needs water every day and I thought that can’t be true but it’s already getting yellow leaves. Another plant I chopped off accidentally. It might grow roots again. It was my favourite. I can buy a new one if necessary. One plant is hanging, but it used to get support while hanging in some ropes and was able to lean against said ropes. The rest of the plants look quite happy. Good to have a hobby I suppose. A hobby maybe gotten out of had a bit. I didn’t have much to do this summer and I just bought loads of plants and took care of them.

I need to figure out a way to hang up my sheets after they are washed. A new fridge, a new washing machine, a new hoover and a new sofa are all things I still need to get. I would also prefer some new chairs over the chairs I have now.

I’ve got a lot of extra space now and everything to myself. I won’t have to deal with girls who just turned twenty and I don’t click with who I share a floor with and more importantly a wall. Yep. It’s all over. I am all by myself now. Mausehause no more. I’ve lived with Anna for four years and with Jelle nearly for four years as well. Luckily I can still do all kinds of things with them. Cook together, celebrate my birthday and celebrate New Year’s Eve. And all that in my new roomy living room. What a life, what a life.

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