A new door is opened

It’s cold. My bed stands directly next to the huge window. Not for long, because in 6 days I’ll be sleeping at my new place. Yes, I’ve got a new place. I’m moving to a cute apartment on the ground floor with a garden. The view is lovely. There is a little park filled with plants, trees and winding paths. It’s finding little mysteries at every corner. It’s not that mysterious, since every weekend a load of people comes passing by with a guide who shows off the area. It’s not the best kept secret, this little garden in the middle of the city centre. It’s actually in the North. That finally makes it possible for me to get a parking space since I was already living in the city centre, but not in the North and apparently it comes with its perks to be living in the North. Now, it feels like I’m living near the North Pole. It’s cold, but not that cold.

I’ve been painting the walls white and driving my car full of plants towards my new place. Today I’ll be driving my car that way once again. Who knows, the neighbour and my former neighbour, who are friends, by the way, might come and help me out. I can count on a lot of help. That is lovely. It makes me feel loved, helped and safe. And, it’s gezellig. A word that can’t be translated from Dutch to English. It’s just nice to have loving people around and they give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside and you can laugh with them.

My mind is a little occupied by this move, but afterwards, I can get back to studying for my exams and therapy. I am actually looking forward to therapy. I know exactly what I want to talk about and who knows, it just might all hurt a little less with a few more insights.

Life moves fast. My life is moving at a pace I somehow manage to keep up with. There are beautiful things in my life and coming my way. Friends, family, a study that will turn into a job, my cat, my plants, my new place. Candlelight, a new sofa, a place to invite others to come and eat. And who knows, one day I might meet my prince charming.

I hope you are having a great time wherever you are and until next time! X

The door is opened to new possibilities!

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