Dancing, school and a handsome man

Yesterday was a lovely day. I enjoyed dancing with a handsome man. He is also very gentle, kind and funny. He likes the way I dance. I enjoy his company. He picked me up and brought me home. He went back to the salsa party and I went exhausted to bed.

It’s been a rough week. I cried during class. After class, a man came up to me and he thought I would share his worldview which very few people do at our school. He was in for a ride. That conversation got heated. He had made a few statements in class a while ago that shocked many students including me. This time, when he directly started talking to me, I didn’t hold back. I had to say what it did to me and that I hope he wouldn’t make me or anyone else feel the same way. That having an opinion was fine, but that he should be careful how he says things and that the classroom should be a safe environment. I think my message came across. We’ll see how things will progress.

For the rest, my internship is becoming very tiring. A teacher can totally relate to me. She remembers coming home after her internship and that all her limbs were heavy. It is a lot to take in and I want to be the best teacher for my students, but it is hard to be the best teacher when you are learning. At school, I’m being taught different methods and my coach has a different approach. On top of that, the students also have an idea of how it should be done. I will ask them for feedback and try to implement that to the best of my abilities.

I miss Mause when he is away, but I truly enjoy his company. I wish I could also see this handsome salsa man more often and I can contribute to that by going to salsa in Deventer on Tuesdays. Fun!

I’ll be checking exams in the upcoming days and also learning for upcoming exams myself. I’ll visit the market today and get some bread, cheese and bananas. I’ve got plenty of candles which means I will skip getting candles today. This evening I have a Halloween party. I’ll be dressed as a witch.

I hope you are having a great time wherever you are and until next time! X

Checking exams by candle light.

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