A busy bee

I am so tired and busy that I barely have time left to write this blog. I fell asleep on the train, in the library and nearly behind the wheel. I am barely getting any rest. I must say I’ve come to the conclusion that the new housemate and I don’t click. You could say that that isn’t a problem but her SM sex was so loud that I finally decided to move. Plus, moving has been on my mind for the past four years and I think it is time now. I’m becoming a little older. I am nearly 29. I think it is time. I hope to find a lovely place of my own very soon. I have a place in mind. Let’s hope I get it.

For the rest, a lot of new things are happening. I quit my job and said goodbye to my therapist in the hope that I’ll soon find some new help. It is in the planning. I also kissed a boy and he kissed a girl. Well, me. That was a lot of fun. We danced the night away and at the end, we kissed. I made jokes, he made a few and the next day he came over and we went to the market. Hopefully, I can think of a better date next time, but I think we have a salsa party coming up with a dress code. Exciting.

My stomach hurts, my head hurts and I have a ‘beautiful’ wound in my face that hurts. I am very very sleep-deprived. Worried about exams that are coming up, living alone, finding a place, new help, housemates that will keep being annoying and I am also really digging into my past trying to make sense of it all. I could use a break, but I wouldn’t know how to actually get some rest. I think in a bit I’ll finish the washing and I’ll do some mindfulness and hopefully get some sleep.

I hope you are having a great week wherever you are and until next time! X

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