Good stories and new adventures

I’ve got good stories. I found someone’s card outside and decided the find the owner. I came across an elderly lady who was walking her dog. She told me there were different sizes of her dog and that hers was one of the smaller ones. She knew the name that was written on the card. It was very familiar to her. She took me to her place and we searched all the names that were written next to the bells that belonged to the flat. We didn’t find the name at the first flat but there it was at the second flat where she lived. It happened to be her neighbour. She invited me into her home and looked up the telephone number of the neighbour. I gave her my details just in case we would need it to complete this quest. The next day the adventure ended with an English student, just like myself, showing up at my door and getting her card back that belonged to a bank which she was going to need on her travels to England. We said our goodbyes and that’s the end of the story.

I’ve also managed to find an internship. I had an interview yesterday and I can start immediately next week. I’ll be standing in front of the class all by myself teaching English to students that sometimes aren’t even that much younger than myself. It will be a new adventure.

I am also getting quite close to this guy I’ve met online. We speak to each other every day. It’s like having a friend in your pocket and he goes wherever you go. I hope we will like each other when we finally meet. This is also a new adventure.

School has started and I am meeting up with people I know and getting to know people. New classes, new expectations but still the same teachers and school. I guess in some way it is nice to be a third year. You already know a few things about the study and you know the building which just makes life slightly easier. More convenient. I do miss one particular student though! Very much! He had to stop with his studies because of his health. It actually makes me very sad. Maybe I can write him a card…

I’ve also started work again. You could say same old same old, but there are actually a few new students. Next week I’ll be working there on Monday. It means I have a busy week coming up. This week is also very busy already. I’m trying to manage my time to the best of my advantages. We’ll see. I’ll try to do my homework today and tomorrow. Maybe I’ll try to do some in the train on my way to school next week. Or Sunday morning. I’ll figure it out.

Nice that all of these new adventures have started and that I took my responsibility to get an internship and that I am doing it! Cool! Plus, I am not too cool for school. Let’s goooooo!

I hope you are having a good time wherever you are and until next time! X

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