A whole week has passed

I kept a blog a day. That was interesting. It’s much easier and interesting to write about what happened rather than what is going to happen. So, this blog will be about the past week.

Monday was a rough start. I wasn’t feeling too good. I managed though. I had multiple phone calls, got a new towel, did some grocery shopping, went swimming, enjoyed a nice view for how much of it I could enjoy since I spent that day in my head. I was excited about the day before that though.

Sunday was nice. I met with a friend and he offered me to go on a skiing trip together. Pumped! We saw horses. One farted. We walked over a shitty route. I laughed at how uncomfortable he was on a bike. He enjoyed it anyway. Riding the bike I mean. We went to see some wakeboarders. I called them water dudes.

Tuesday. Tuesday was a weird day. A full day. Initially I had nothing to do and then I decided to go to the library. I told a complete stranger something very intimate. I met with a guy online who I might go on a date one day. I bumped into my niece and a very good friend of mine called. We sat down, talked about our friendship and what was going on in her life. Afterwards I cooked dinner and talked to my housemate, got my heels and my car key and left to Deventer to go salsa dancing. For the first two danced I was shaking. Literally. I didn’t notice but people told me who asked me to dance. It was a bit of a full day with a lot of impressions. After all of the dancing I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to dance with someone I met the week before as much as I liked and I called my housemate. We talked. We talked about dating and about a common friend and it calmed me down. I was ready to drive home. When I came home he gave me a hug, we ate something and went to bed.

Wednesday. I was supposed to go kickboxing but I cancelled and this made sure that I had enough energy to go salsa dancing in Zwolle. During the day I chatted with this guy I met on the internet. We did a videocall again. I took him to my favourite park. I showed him a beautiful tree, a lovely old street, people enjoying the sun. We talked and had discussions which was maybe a little too much for me. Usually I don’t like discussions that much and I was tired and it could’ve been the reason I got into one. But you know, maybe it is part of getting to know each other. That part is going really fast by the way. In the evening I went salsa dancing and it was hilarious. There was a guy with sunglasses in his hair and a tie-dyed shirt who made the silliest joke I’ve ever heard. I could repeat it but you know… Maybe not. He would shake my arms when he heard bells in the music. The whole thing was hilarious. Okay, here goes the joke: did you know that they put soap on the dancefloor at the first of April? No. That’s because they don’t. It’s the first of April. Just let that sink in. Hahaha, just so stupid. But he was a nice guy and I got the chance to dance the rueda. That was so much fun. At one point I was imitating a car. I was surprised and filled with joy at the same time. I hope to go salsa dancing again with all of them next Friday.

Thursday. I was meant to go to Dalfsen. A little village nearby. I didn’t. Plans were rearranged. I had a chilled morning. I started to have horrible cramps. I was knackered. The guy that I met online wanted to videocall once again about something very deep and I was really not up for it. I call him later that evening and explained why. He told me I didn’t have to explain and that he would take it down a notch. That was very chill. I somehow managed to cook dinner for myself that day. I was in such pain. I did meet up with a friend though. We played football. The cramps came later. It was nice to see this friend. I called him later in the evening. He is such a patient and calming and fun presence. Happy to have him in my life.

Friday. Oh, that was a good day. I enjoyed a calm start of the day with writing three things down that I am grateful for, writing my blog and mindfulness. I was knackered once again but managed to sell an item of Marktplaats. It’s the Dutch E-Bay I suppose. Then I knew I had to get dressed because I would meet with a friend in the park. I showered, ate something and still managed to be too late. Brushed my teeth, got a sandwich from the supermarket and made my way to the park. We talked about men, the future, her holiday, friends and we played beachball. We both went home and I did some laundry, relaxed and then discovered that both my housemates were ill and that could possibly explain why I was feeling a bit off too. Our old housemate came to visit us and we ordered food and went to a silent disco. We danced truly silly. It was nice to be with the four of us again. I suppose you don’t know what you miss until that friendly interested soft presence is there again to join you in adventures. We hugged each other and it makes me long for old times but it’s good to know she is just around the corner.

Saturday was a nice day too. I went to the market and the supermarket in the morning when I still had the energy. I bought beautiful flowers. Violets and something that blooms in autumn. Can you believe it? It’s autumn but it’s nearly thirty degrees Celsius. I got to play with a frisbee in the park with a friend, got stung by a bee, made dinner for three and after that still visited my niece. Before the park I bumped into my niece, nephew and aunt. That was lovely. We sat down together and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a busy day and I didn’t stay for too long at my niece’s new place. She really like her new plant though that I gave her.

And today it is Sunday. When I look back at this I can see how much I actually do. Especially for a week where I had no work and did a little bit of study. I suppose I am a very active person and I like to be surrounded by people. I really do. Maybe that is nice about having housemates. They are simply the best dun dun dun dun!

Today will hopefully be a relaxed day. I hope to talk to the guy I’ve been chatting with lately. Maybe a nice walk, I might come across my cat who gave us a visit this week and I’ll take care of the plants. I’ll have a nice shower and read a little bit. Who knows, this evening there is an outdoor cinema. I might ask our old housemate to go and see Aladdin.

I hope you are having a good time wherever you are and until next time! X

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