Jazzy morning

It’s cold and grey outside. The jazz music is playing. I am typing. My stomach is hurting. I am finally writing. I have made myself comfortable under two blankets and two pillows. There is even a pillow under my laptop which enables me to relax my legs instead of keeping the laptop at eye level by bending my legs and balancing the laptop on my legs. After all these months I have found this life hack. It’s nice to be comfortable.

This evening I’ll put all the candles on and a good friend will be coming over and I’ll cook vegan for him, we’ll watch a movie and joke about which actor/actress is good looking. It sounds like a lovely day. OMG! I am just happy to not date for a while. I mean I will miss some attention once in a while. Nevertheless, if the alternative is spending time with loved ones and less stress, I am signing up!

Today I also want to get some pots. This way I can repot some plants that clearly need more room. They have been living inside the same pot for too long. The neighbour gave me this great advice. I just carry the pots on the back of my bike or maybe in a huge bag that I can hang on the steering wheel.

This week has been crazy busy. I had a date and prior to the date I slept horribly. The date wasn’t that great. Can happen. We still enjoyed playing football though and I think I should listen to more of my records. We listened to jazz together. It makes me so so happy.

I stayed over at my mothers’s house. I didn’t sleep very well but I liked being able to work outside with one of my moms. Ploughing through the earth and being able to harvest some veggies that I ate yesterday with my housemates. I think cooking has become much more a thing in my life. I also really like cooking for others and discovering new recipes via others. I hope to cook for my niece soon. She came to live in my city Zwollywood and I am absolutely loving it. We are bumping into each other all the time and taking pictures together. Fun! Playing with the frisbee, lending her some books, giving her a plant. I hope she’ll like it here. I don’t mind having my niece in my lovely city.

I am also busy with homework and with my new internship. I love it. It is scary but I love presenting. It’s drama in a way. I like to take the stage and be the centre of attention. I like to see how all these faces smile when I do. I like the interaction. I love speaking English. Yes, yes, I am becoming an English teacher. A teacher of English.

I’ve come up with a great lesson for next week. It involves a skateboard and a pocketknife. I’ll tell you more about that but for now it will remain a mystery…

I hope you are having a good time wherever you are and until next week! X

My niece!

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