Plant and cat time

I am not in the best mood unfortunately. I got stung by a wasp again. This time my foot looks like big foot. Well, it always looked like big foot, but now it’s also swollen. Maybe a foot out Lord of the Rings. Less hair and more redness. Oh oh oh.

I am trying to find a specific table for in my bedroom. I’ll have to try another thrift shop. Unfortunately, I don’t think my foot likes all the walking. But I just might go to another thrift shop and to a flower shop. I don’t give up that easily.

I’ve got a beautiful plant in my bedroom since a few days. It is hanging from a hook in a macrame holder. I love it. I hope the plant is happier at this spot. At the other spot the leaves got burnt by the sun. It looks better.

My cat is visiting me quite often, which I enjoy. He likes to hang around. Next to me on the sofa or he likes to play with a piece of string. He also likes the new plant which is catnip. Hooray for Mause!

I hope you are having a good time wherever you are! Take care and until next time! X

Happy plant

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