First week in the Netherlands

I am starting to feel a little better. My mind isn’t racing as much and I am slowly processing being here and all my experiences of London and reflecting on my life here and my past. Introspection. But what you need is another person to talk to and that helps. It gives you perspective. I didn’t realize I had grown so much already. There are still a few things I’d like to work on but overall I am doing pretty good.

I managed to break my wardrobe and I managed to fix it. Thank you Gamma. It’s a well known store in the Netherlands. I also took the opportunity to clear out my wardrobe. Clothes that I wore when I was fifteen had to go. I am growing up. Still playful though.

I walked around the city at night time to clear my head. I saw the most peculiar thing. A stone marten or a ferret. One or the other. I saw him three times. He kept running away. In London I’d see a lot of squirrels and foxes. Yes; foxes. In the city.

We have decided on a new housemate. I think she is very calm and is quite independent for her age and also empathetic. A warm nice person. Hopefully a great addition to our house. She goes kickboxing three times a week. Well, can’t beat that! Impressive. I just went yesterday to my trainer. Gloves on and ready to go. He told me I hit pretty hard. It was nice to see him. He’d joke around and tell me a little riddle. He usually does at the end of the training. When you are knackered thén he gives you a riddle.

There are a lot of changes in our house. I am back. One is leaving. Luckily, they are very happy to have me back. I also have a picture now of the beautiful welcome home pizza my housemate made. He knew I wouldn’t like a pie. Haha. So, he decided on something savoury. Good choice.

I think I am going to get a goodbye gift for our leaving housemate today. It’s not really goodbye of course since she will always be our friend and we’ll get to see her.

My cat is also in the neighbourhood and he came to say hello. Apparently, according to my housemates, he knows when I am home. It might mean he missed me or that he actually is attached to me. Usually during the summer, he rarely is home. A street cat. A bar cat. A beggar for food. During the winter it is cold and then he’d rather be home but you know outside there are way more adventures.

I’ve bought new shoes. I was so done with wearing practical shoes because of all the walking I did in London. I finally wanted to look beautiful. Plus, I was also done with living out of a bag. Having only a few options of clothing to choose from. For four months I had a bag which I usually take with me on a holiday for two weeks! It was overfull when I travelled home. It did shut though hahaha.

Soon I’ll be making a photo book about London. I think this will be a nice way to reflect on my time there.

I am just finishing with my portfolio for my teacher here and my teacher in London sent me the most kind email. She wrote that I made a very good photo book and that the other teacher thought so too. Even the librarian who came to look at all the photo books. Two days later I still didn’t respond and I got another email wondering if I arrived safely. I thought it was really touching that she had thought of me and complimented me. I think she had seen the stress and all the effort that went into it.

I am also very proud of the documentary. I might just post it on Facebook. It is worth seeing it and it only takes four minutes. If you type in: ‘Path of a woman’, you will find it on YouTube but here it is:

Wish me good luck settling here and where ever you are; I hope you are well and having a good time. Until next time! X

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