I am home. I am home. I am never leaving. Hahaha. Well, that is what I feel like right now. I have been living in Zwollywood for nearly eleven years now. So, moving was a big step. Even to a whole different country. It was life changing. But I am so happy to be back and to be welcomed back home too.

My housemate had balloons and welcome home signs and made a pizza with welcome home on it. It made me cry. I held him tight. He and his friend got my heavy luggage upstairs. I sat at his place and we talked while simultaneously judging the singers on TV. We watched EuroVision. I ate pizza and he brought me some water. He wanted to be home for me. I was so glad.

This morning I have gone swimming. Well, you have to keep up with good habits. I have also lit candle lights next to my bed here. That is something I just usually only do in my living room but in London I only had one room and got used to having candle light next to my bed. I also noticed missing a bath when I got up. I wanted to jump in the bath tub and read my book but I couldn’t. We don’t have a bath here unfortunately. But we do have windows and sunlight coming in and a lot of plants. My other housemate took care of my plants and she even gave me two new ones. I am very thankful.

I have already biked through my little green and quiet city. A Sunday morning in Zwolle. There is hardly anyone in the streets. Even in the city centre. The city sleeps. Weird! I knew that. It’s just a big adjustment to crowded London. I haven’t heard any sirens since I am here. I did play my new record. Yes, I can play records now on my record player. Bliss.

Just before I left in London there was this woman called Elsa. My classmate. She had made me a goodbye gift. I didn’t expect that at all. It was so kind. She also bought my photo book. Sometimes people surprise you in the most beautiful way. I said my goodbyes to Theo and to Ivallyo. That was tough. Theo joked around and told me he loves me and Ivallyo said we had clicked really well. I said I’ll miss them. Very surreal. How your life is one minute something and one minute later something completely else.

I am still going through red lights and I even had a moment where I was at the wrong side of the road. I am also partly still thinking in English and not only in Dutch. Well, I have all the time to adjust.


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