I am not playing jazz music and for some reason I am unable to write on my laptop. I am lying in my bed and typing on my phone. Not ideal but I don’t give up on writing that easily.

I am nearly two weeks in the Netherlands. I still use some English words here and there in a conversation and I am still comparing Zwolle to London. I suppose I am still adjusting to the new/old situation.

I am beginning to sleep better but I am still very tired. I am trying to pick up everything as quickly as possible: work, friends, hobbies and sport. I’ve just been to Viva Salsa in Deventer this Tuesday. Not a lesson but just dancing with anyone who asked me to dance. I even recognised someone. Yes, the world is a small place.

I loved dancing. We had two hours to dance before they told us it was the last dance and the lights were briefly put on. A very Dutch way to say: Time to go home. Various men wanted to dance and all had their own style. I am quite good at following but I could do with a few lessons. I came by myself. I could’ve gone with a friend but I liked the thrill. I went to see him afterwards since he lives very close by to Viva Salsa. Next time, he’ll join me.

I’ve also started working again at my favourite place. I teach teenagers languages. It is a lot of fun. One on one and this way you get to know them. You should have seen their faces when I walked in. One was in complete shock and most of them smiled broadly. Just lovely to see them all. I have bonded with them. It was actually also quite nice to see my boss. He was interested in me and the documentary I made and he immediately offered my job back. I think he knows how much I love my job.

I am also seeing friends and I have noticed that sometimes it is hard not to talk too much. I have felt, seen and experienced so much that I want to express it. Luckily, they are tactful, kind and know me well. I try to be understanding, thoughtful and kind too. I must say that I usually make more time for them but I simply don’t have the energy.

I was so lacking in energy that I even cancelled on a friend who was coming to visit me in London. He is now there by himself. What comforts me is that we stay in touch and I know what he is up to and he knows how I am doing. He’s a good friend. I think it is so special how you get to know someone just a few years ago and how close you become.

I am also happy with my housemates. It is good that there are people in my house that I love, know me well and that I can spend time with. We even went on a little trip together in Zwolle. We even took a little ferry for the first time and all got sun burned. We had a good time.

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