Nearly goodbye

Living in my own little bubble in my head is sometimes peaceful and sometimes exhausting. Sometimes it’s just great to listen to someone else. It brings you outside of your own bubble. It helps seeing other lives. Listening to others. Realizing life right now is good. It’s also nice to share your thoughts with another student from abroad. We’re going through the same things. Attachment and detachment from people and a place. Stress about flying, packing, leaving. Reflecting on life here and back home.

It’s sunny. I’ve worn flip flops. I am wearing dresses. I like going to a park. Yesterday I got very unlucky. I went to a park that is filled with deer. But for me there was no deer to be found. Two foxes though. I liked that. Furthermore, there were beautiful flowers. Nothing like you’ll see in the Netherlands. The size of these plants makes them look like small trees filled with huge flowers in vibrant colours. Everyone was taking pictures.

Richmond Park

I’ve also managed to go to the zoo before leaving. I really wanted to go to the butterfly garden. I love it so much. At some point I got into a meditative state. Whatever you like to call it. I was quiet. Theo was quiet. It was warm. We just sat on a bench for a really long time. We looked at the butterflies. There was music playing softly in the background that was very soothing. I also felt bewilderment for quit a while and would exclaim: ‘Look at it fly, it’s so beautiful!’. There was one particular butterfly that would flap their wings so slow that it looked very elegant. It was my new favourite butterfly.

Theo and I together with penguins at the zoo

I managed to finish a workbook I had to make. All my progress is written in it and the meaning behind the photo book I’ve made. I’ve made three copies. I am ready for the pop up store. That all starts tomorrow. People can pop in and take a look at the photo books and possibly buy one. For the rest, I’ll be packing my stuff. I’ll give my plant away and I’ve already sold my bike.

Goodbye Elephant and Castle. It was good to be here. It was awful to be here. Just life. As anywhere else. Who knows, I might look forward to coming back for the nostalgia and meeting all the wonderful people I met here. Goodbye London.

A reference to the area I stayed in: Elephant and Castle

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