Music, candles and reflection

I am at home. ‘Home’. Here in London. In my tiny room and tiny bed where I just fit into. One cupboard, a desk and a sink where you can’t drink the water from the tap. A bin, a lamp, curtains. I didn’t have a little night cabinet to put my books on and so I creatively made one out of a cardboard box. I just put a towel over it and it’s slightly dented but it serves its purpose. Candles are on it and next to it which isn’t allowed. It slows me down and gives a cue that it is night time and soon time to sleep. Above my desk is a plank and on there you find photos of family and friends. I rarely look at them but I am happy that they are there. It gives me comfort. I do the same at home. Photographs are actually a big part of my life. Very different to other generations. A different feeling of nostalgia and memories. I am glad that I have the photos. I will keep on taking photos and making photo books and displaying photos.

I am playing music. ‘The art of conversation’ by Leo Sidran. It’s a duet. I wouldn’t know who the female singer is unfortunately and I am too lazy to look it up. Oh oh oh. I just felt like writing and expressing myself. I am feeling quite good. I had a really good conversation with my family and it feels like it lifted a lot of weight of me. Plus, I got to spend a lot of the day with Theo. He is funny. We can have childish fun with each other. Really playful. I am totally going to miss him. In about a week he’ll be all the way in America and I’ll be in my ‘koude kikkerlandje’ the Netherlands. I’ve also hugged my teacher. I guess I made a good impression. I think we’re nearly of the same age and we really clicked. We could talk about my work and brainstorm. Who knows, I might have made bonds for life. I might go back to London and see them all again.

I had the exhibition yesterday and it went really well. I invited a few people and actually 7 people showed up! I was so glad. Everyone was curious what the work was about. I loved hearing what they thought it was about and being able to express myself. It was a good evening.

And… Tomorrow is also a big day. We will watch the final cut of the documentary. Have a look here if you like:

Have fun guys back in the Netherlands tomorrow. It’s Bevrijdingsdag! Feel free! You finally might have the opportunity to celebrate it after two years. Do a little dance for me. See you soon x

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