Being grateful

Another week has passed. Two more weeks and I’m back in the Netherlands. The countdown has started. I am still making the best of it though. I’ve been to one of my favourite shows called Taskmaster. That was a dream come true. Even the comedian Dara O’Brien explained to everyone what the word gezellig means. That was fun! Okay, I’m not supposed to tell you who is in the show. Can you keep a secret? Haha! I went with my friend Theo and we missed the first show because there was no space left and I got a little upset and told her we’re leaving the U.K. in two weeks. So, she gave us priority tickets for the evening show. So glad! Theo considered buying her flowers but in the end thought that was too much. We got the opportunity to explore the surroundings. There was a beautiful park with huge trees and flowers. We could see Windsor Castle in the distance. Theo was particularly excited about that! It was all nice and green and I had lasagne for my lunch. My favourite!

For the rest I am working on my deadlines which is going really well I must say. One exhibition is already ready to see which I am actually proud of. I didn’t exactly expect it to be good. Additionally, our documentary is nearly done and I am quite proud of that too. I mean it is not a masterpiece but it’s clearly not bad! Lastly, I am working on my photo books called ‘The gift that keeps on giving’. I have made three editions. I will be working with ink today and writing some poetry and sticking dried flowers to cards and putting it all together. I’ll finish the workbook and if I get the chance I’ll start with writing a final document for my teacher back home in the Netherlands. Take an English test to prove I learned some English while I was here haha.

And after my hard work I think I deserve some breaks. Maybe lie down in the bath with a candle next to me and my book ready to read. I might go swimming but I think I can still feel my arms from a few days ago. If I feel like it I’ll go to Borough Market.

I went to salsa yesterday. Once again by myself. Usually that doesn’t bother me. I had a really great evening and was asked to dance a lot and enjoyed it with a giant. He was clearly taller than two meters. Yes, we Dutchies don’t measure in feet and I haven’t quite figured out that system yet. I think I am 5’6? 1.78 cm. So quite tall. I guess if people just look at you surprised and confused that you came by yourself it gives you a bad feeling. But it won’t discourage me. I think I’ll go again next week and luckily, I do meet people there who come by themselves too or who are very welcoming. I’ll really miss that place once I’m back in the Netherlands. Nothing beats holding each other and dancing the night away. It brings a smile to my face. A really big one.

I am still considering going to the Zoo. I’d love to see the butterfly garden. I’ll bring my camera. I think that could be a really good day. I am also enjoying my last days with my bike here. I mean I am Dutch. What am I without a bike?! Hahaha. I’ve biked all the way to Putney near Richmond. That was a long journey. I enjoyed the forest. A dog that stole my bottle and a nice owner of the dog kept on smiling and apologizing. I also enjoyed trying to get my bike over a fence by myself and clearly struggling when two young men, runners, came up to me and just both took my bike and helped it over the fence. Then I heroically jumped over the fence and that was that. It was fun. Later on I passed them and wished them a great day. They laughed. I am so grateful for those moments and being able to enjoy myself. Even if it is by myself. I suppose I became quiet independent on this trip. I mean I’ve always been able to go to the park by myself. But I’ve never been to the cinema by myself. I was proud.

I missed King’s day back in the Netherlands and I’ll miss Bevrijdingsdag. That last one bugs me. I love Bevrijdingsdag. A free festival. I mean who doesn’t love that?! Oh well, better luck next time. Theo asked me to go to karaoke. So we are definitely doing that!

I hope you had a good week wherever you are. Wish you the best. Until next time! x

Our exhibition!

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