Bye London!

I am on the train to Glasgow, Scotland. The sky is grey and outside it is cold. Luckily, I am wearing a jumper and my iconic red winter coat. Inside the train it is nice and warm. Nice to relax after I waited for two hours on this train. I have brought a book that I bought for three pounds in Hastings. That might come in handy while I am going to be on this train for 4 and a half hours. I’ve also packed food and drinks. I’ll be leaving out of a rucksack for 21 days. I’ll also be visiting the Netherlands for a few days. I can’t wait!

These photos are all taken in Hastings. I like escaping London. There is a lot I like about London. The diversity. The beautiful parks. Salsa temple. But I have to say I love a place where everything is in close proximity and where there aren’t sirens going off every second. Hastings; I would have never had thought of it if I didn’t learn about this place via my education. The battle of Hastings. I came across a place in the train on my way to Hastings called Battle. I also visited the castle which was once owned by William the Conqueror. Good to refresh my historical knowledge a bit. In Hastings they have this festivity where they all dress in green leaves and giants walk through the city and they bang on their drums as you can see in the second photo and in the first photo you can see the place where I bought my book for three pounds.

This weekend I’ve also visited Camden Town with Theo. An international student who is from America. He and I became good friends. We’ll be going to Taskmaster at the end of April when I am back in London for one more month. Something to look forward to. Theo is great. He is funny and a good listener and up for anything. I think we are going to miss each other. Who knows, I might be able to visit him in America and he might be able to come to the Netherlands.

And last but not least being in London gave me the opportunity to reconnect with a childhood friend. We went to see the famous boat race between Cambridge and Oxford. Within one second you will have seen the rowers go by on the river Thames. It is sooooo exciting. Just kidding. We went to Holland Park, which is really beautiful. Especially the Kyoto Park in it. We saw cranes and coots. A peacock, squirrels and huge fish. I thought it was a circus fish because it kept on doing loops.

Uni is going okay. I mean I thought I would be finished with the photo book but unfortunately, I still need to make the photo book a bit bigger in order to let the envelopes fit in it. I still need to finish my work books. They are basically diaries of your progress. I really can’t wait to see the documentary. I am truly considering also working as an interviewer. Love it.

I hope you are having a good time wherever you are and if you feel like reacting to this blog or just contacting me, feel free to do so! Keep you updated! x

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