First week of Scotland

This will be my last morning in Kilmarnock. I’ve just put on some jazz music. I am still in bed and I am going to tell you all about my week. I’ve visited several places of which I loved Edinburgh the most and that is why I have decided to stay there for a few days in a hostel. I have never stayed in a hostel by myself before. But I have stayed in hostels before. That was last year in the summer in Ireland. The place I met Silke who came to visit me in London a few weeks ago. It was nice to be on a group trip back then. That is why I have booked another group trip this summer. It will be to Italy. I am not sure if you can be in love with a country but I think I am. Let’s see if the love is true. It’s something to look forward to. For now, I am leaving my uncle’s place in Kilmarnock and traveling solo until upcoming Wednesday. My friend JJ from the Netherlands will be over. Can’t wait.

I climbed a mountain in Edinburgh. I’ve also bought a new hat when I was in Ayr. I’ve also visited Irvine and Troon of which I definitely recommend the views from the train and Troon itself. Ayr and Irvine were less my cup of tea. I suppose that is the way to discover. Just go and see. What I love about Edinburgh is the historical buildings. Also gothic is my guess. It is impressive. Steps that go up a mountain. I always love that. A Scotsman in his kilt playing the bagpipe. Edinburgh is the place to be.

My uncle is now 75 years old and we went out to dinner with his daughter and granddaughter. That was really nice. He also showed me his workplace where he volunteers. He is a busy man for his age. He bakes his own bread and goes to meetings in the evening. I am thankful for the meals and chats I had with him.

Let’s hope the hostel will be good. And next week, you’ll hear more about my adventures. Take care where ever you are. X

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