Spring is here

My three-week break is coming up. Before that I felt like I needed to finish all my course work. I printed three photo books with the title: ‘The gift that keeps on giving’. This project enabled me to try out working with ink and pressing leaves and flowers.

Tomorrow I will see the footage we have shot last week for our documentary. I am very excited about that! I hope it will turn out good. It was at least a really good day and we had good conversations.

Sometimes working together can be hard but you take what you get. And who knows the end result of our photography project might turn out well. At least I got to go to Kew Gardens. I am curious about the photos.

It was nice to escape London this weekend. Saturday was sunny and I got to go with a friend to Oxford. I love old historical buildings. I got to eat lemon cheesecake and me liking it is a big deal, haha! I’ve only had one other good cheesecake in my life. Haha, maybe I just don’t like cheesecake that much. I got to buy a dress. I never prioritise shopping. It was really nice to get the chance to buy a dress. It was great to spend a weekend with a friend who is really funny. Talking about funny; we got to go to a comedy show. We both loved it. The secret comedy club. I’d recommend it.

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