Another week has passed. Time flies when you are having fun. I know I can complain sometimes about too long weekends and sometimes feeling lonely here but actually every student that is abroad goes through it in the beginning. Getting to know people, getting used to the big city noises. Now I have realized that I am nearly half way on my journey I am starting to appreciate everything more. Being able to meet so many new people. Diverse people from different countries with different backgrounds. I know once I am home I am going to miss being able to dance salsa for a whole night. The sun is shining so much here in London. Sometimes it’s grey but I keep a little journal where I write three things of the day I appreciate and the sun is mentioned frequently. I will also miss the language. Being able to express myself in English and listening to others speaking English. I love language so much. I love to teach others and I love to learn new words. I am thinking of a language course in Italy this summer. Or maybe teaching in Italy. I mean who doesn’t love Italy?

I love the river Thames and the spectacular views, the Tower Bridge. I actually do like that there are so many options and there is so much to discover and see. You just can take a different street and see more. I think I have seen most streets of my hometown where I have lived for ten years. I must say I love the historical buildings and all the parks in my city back home. But back to London. What more to see? Maybe Kew Gardens, maybe Richmond.

I am going to miss the people here when I leave. It is interesting how quick bonds are made. I am going to miss being able to make a documentary. We filmed just yesterday at the river. I loved the conversations we had, how open women were and what they had to say. It felt like just in that day the whole course was worth it. I am so curious to see this documentary. We gave women a voice that day.

I also appreciate friends coming over and discovering the city together. I mean you miss the people back home sometimes. So much sometimes you don’t even realize it until you make plans to go back to the Netherlands. I am so grateful for friends coming over and feeling connected to them and enjoying each other’s company. Lucky to live so close to the Netherlands. I am only a train away. Or a flight.

I am going to miss being able to connect with my parents and the nostalgic feeling I got whilst walking through Hyde Park. There it was. The memory of walking there for one of the first times with my dad. One of the first pictures he took of me. I never thought I would find the place and suddenly I just stumbled upon it. I searched for it around the London Eye only for it to be at Hyde Park when I wasn’t looking. I am grateful my dad once came to the Netherlands and so I do have memories with him there. Him watching me ice skate. Going to see ice sculptures together. Going to a restaurant with my moms and dad. How nervous I was and hadn’t had much sleep. Of course, my mom had a banana ready. Good memories.

I also have a lot of nostalgia in the west of the Netherlands and that makes me feel happy. Places to visit when I get back home and at the same time a consolation is that I can always come back to England. Revisit parks filled with memories and visit friends. Old ones and new ones. And I can always go to Scotland where I can visit family. I am so lucky to be there upcoming April. Let’s see if I can connect with my roots there and make new memories.

Hope you are enjoying the sun, wherever you are. Until next time x

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