There once was a woman who lived with three incredible housemates. They were all different but worked really well together. One had dark long hair. Well, long for a man. Everyone would compliment him on his hair. He played guitar and wore mostly black. He was a social and content person who did his best at his job and enjoyed trying out new cooking skills.

Another had short curly hair which she always wore in a little bun on top of her head. She cared about the cat they had and always had the most incredible stories about him. Full with enthusiasm and energy: ‘He opened the door and fell down’, and she would laugh hysterically. She tried the best she could to steer her life in the direction she wanted it to go. She loved her friends and her housemates of course. She had parents nearby who were very supportive.

Another member had shaved her hair recently. She had thought about it for a few months and one day bought a razor and just did it. Well, her girlfriend did it. She was small with a big smile and enjoyed being in this house with others who also liked to join her in adventures. She was creative as the whole household was and as coming of age she was, she was navigating through life with all the challenges it brought her.

The last member had wavy hair which she mostly wore down. She learned to put a little cream in it to make it less fussy. She was a person that was very interested in others and always made plans to do something or something new. She truly appreciated her housemates and even carried them with her everywhere she went on her phone. Whilst putting the phone on, the first thing you would see was a photo of the four housemates.

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