Have your eggs the sunny side up!

I’ve noticed that I had some focus on what goes on in my mind and how my surroundings look. It can be challenging. At the same time, I am finding a way how to deal with both, which is a good thing. But I have decided to dedicate this blog to things that make me happy over here. Look at the positive side. Have your eggs the sunny side up. That makes no sense but I like it, haha!

I have met a few really nice people here and had some really good experiences. I have met Theo, an exchange student from America. He is 21 and very friendly, easy going and will laugh a lot. He likes karaoke, lip syncing, going to Borough Market and we’ve been to the Graham Norton Show together. I must say this was one of the highlights of being here. I’ve always watched that show and it makes me laugh. I even considered going in the red chair and telling an embarrassing story but unfortunately (penutbutter for the dutchies) I didn’t. We saw Benedict Cumberbatch from up close and it felt very unreal. Graham was really funny as was the guy who was the fluffer. It was all natural though, they didn’t force us to laugh. Maybe I should watch the show more frequently again. I enjoy it so much!

I have also met a madam called Irene. She is three years older than me and beautiful, friendly and energetic. She is very open about what she is going through and talks a lot with her hands. This makes sense, since she is Italian. She has already invited me to come over to Italy and told me her mother will cook for me. I am looking forward to that! Irene and I did a photo shoot together surrounded by flowers. It was one of the most relaxing and feminine things I did. It was nice to be surrounded by her presence.

I have also met a lot of other international students. We have been out together, which was so much fun. People brought other international friends and we danced the night away. Luckily it wasn’t at a place where you necessarily have to wear heels. One girl was unfortunately not with us that night but she is very lovely too. Her name is Sarah. I remember the first time meeting her and she encouraged me in my dreams. If I wanted to write a book, I should go for it. She even brainstormed with me for a bit. She is a creative person herself who sells her artwork online. Another highlight of this experience abroad is going to Brighton. Sarah and I loved escaping London for a bit and enjoying the sea and cute shops.

And last but for sure not least is my friends who come to visit me. Charlotte has been here and so has Freddy. I have also visited a childhood friend last weekend. This was also very emotional since we talked about the people we lost in our lives but I felt like it was a good experience. A way to connect with my roots and a place where I am always welcome. This is Watford, my birthplace. Another highlight of this trip. Very special to me to go to Cassiobury park and remember the times I played in the water as a kid and remembering the photos I took with my mom and dad. The lovely walks we had there. The water reflecting on the trees. As if the sun, water and reflection were dancing on the trees. I remember being fascinated. It was nice to make new memories with Timesh as well. Making funny photos as if I was diving into the water and we went to play golf. I never knew I would have so much fun playing golf. His parents also cooked wonderfully and it was nice and peaceful at their place in Watford.

This weekend I have my housemates back from the Netherlands, who are my friends and to me have become family members, over here in London. They arrived on Thursday and I waited for them to arrive by train at St. Pancreas station. I felt a bit emotional seeing them. It is so nice to have them around. I can totally be myself. We are like a little family; a great friend group and I always love including others to our group as well. I am looking forward going back to the Netherlands and having a party at our place and inviting others. So far, I think my housemates and I are enjoying our time here in London. It is busy and noisy but we managed to escape the noise by going on a wonderful walk along the Thames making our way to cross the Thames via an airway. It was as if being in a ski lift. Something totally random that feels very fitting to us. I am curious what the rest of this weekend will have in store for us.

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