The big city

I’ve been here nearly two months now and still have three months to go. I feel like I have already seen a lot. Luckily I have realized there is more to see such as Kew Gardens, Greenwich and Prim Rose. I do like to escape London. I am a smaller city girl. Such as Brighton or Bristol. I enjoy the sea and the peace.

Bristol was a trip down memory lane. I have visited Education First, a school I went to for six weeks. Six weeks isn’t much but made such a difference in my life. I felt inspired to become a teacher myself. I remember a teacher named James telling us about free will and it got my brain going. I remember learning reading skills. I remember writing about the homeless, printing it out and sticking it to the front door of the school. I was bold I guess. I remember the director taking an interest in me and the homeless and made a whole class available on volunteers work. I also remember writing a blog, printing it out and leaving it in the teacher’s room. Unasked. Just did it. It was read and it made me want to keep writing.

It was great to be able to share those memories with the director. I think she truly appreciated it. I also visited the market and the Suspension Bridge. I might go back to see the parks I visited back then once again. I actually got the opportunity to take the train past the bridge which I was always longing to see. It was so remote. Just a beach. It was beautiful but I am not a small town girl either. After that I felt lonely and wanted to share my experience. Luckily my friend back home was available to listen and encourage me in my dreams. I could tell him how Bristol was such an anchor point in my life. He told me I was stacking dreams.

Bristol. Suspension Bridge.

Classes are 75% of the time pretty enjoyable. I guess that is a good score. I prefer the Wednesdays. I like the people. Some are also around my age and I think I might be making friends with the printer room. Progress is being made.

I’ll keep you posted, enjoy your week!

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