A man and a woman

Once there was a man who lived by himself. He worked on being the best version of himself and steering his life in a way he wanted it to go. He was very content the way his life was and proud that he lived the way he did. He dreamed of inspiring others.

Then a woman came along and with her came all her experiences. She was a lot younger than the man and she could learn a lot from him. From his calm manner, his kindness, his patience and his time management.

She also felt she was quite similar to him. Not that tidy, enjoying older furniture, having a lot of hobbies and sports, educating themselves, learning and trying new things.

The difference was that she still wanted to learn how to cook new things and took care of plants, owned a cat, played her records on her recordplayer while he owned a lot of books which he all read and already finished two bachelors and had been in the army.

They found each other in their hobbies; writing, making music and dancing. They also found each other in their conversations. How to go about life, how to learn, how to grow. How to steer your life in the direction you want it going.

They trusted each other to be there and wanted to spend time with each other. They knew they loved each other deeply.

The woman wondered what she could learn the man. She might be able to bring more playfulness and silliness into his life.

But she didn’t feel he needed much more from life. He might meet a lovely woman one day that he may or may not live with. But somehow it didn’t seem to matter. He was content. Happy learning, exploring, taking his life in the direction he wanted it to go. He was also very dedicated but not too dedicated. He still made time for loved ones, sport and hobbies. He was living a rich life.

What could this woman offer him? Friendship. Simply being there. Listening. Enjoying each other’s company. She could try to be as encouraging as she could be and as interested as she could be.

She could take him dancing and to places with live music. Maybe that was enough. The only thing she wanted to add was a little bit more playfulness.

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