Things used to scare me off. I guess I’d rather now stick with it. I must say I was really happy there was the printer guy named Ollie to help me. That printer room is filled with emotion for me. Frustration, feeling overwhelmed and pure joy.

But for now, this is the result, hell yeah

The documentary I will be making will be about women, their lives, their careers, their hardships and how they overcome them and it’s supposed to be uplifting. I am really happy with this subject. It reminds me of books I read. Goodnight stories for Rebel Girls. They also have podcasts.

For the other class we’ll see what happens when men and women are surrounded by flowers. I envision a woman in a pond surrounded by yellow flowers, maybe sunflowers and beautiful natural light. Maybe golden hour. I have tried to google this image and I feel like I have seen it before but maybe it is my imagination. But It might become a more fashion with make-up shoot inside which is more out of my comfort zone but could also be really nice and interesting. But still believing in my dream: where to find this pond?!

I have had friends over for the past two weekends and it has been fun. At the end I’ll include some photos. I have crossed Tower Bridge but this time high up which you had to pay for. It used to be a red-light district for politicians. Now the floor is made out of glass and you can look at the Thames. Scary and fun at the same time.

The real reason I am here is to connect with my roots. With my mom and dad, with the language I grew up with, the place I spent the first six years of my life. I won’t find my mom and dad here but maybe memories. I guess that’s why reconnecting with a childhood friend is so important to me. A way of reliving the life I had and I guess desperately wanted back. But that friend doesn’t bring you that life. It brings you now. But I guess going to Cheslyn Gardens on my own a few years ago was such a good move. I felt so brave, so empowered. I remembered the pond and the story of falling into it. Getting dry clothes from a friend. I remember Cassiobury park. Playing in the water. I remember walking there with my dad. The reflection of the sun and water playing on the trees and him walking in front of me. Photographing him on the same spot my mom has photographed me and I her. Nobody likes Watford I think but to me it means memories. I am going there next week.

I didn’t really know I was here for the memories. I thought I was here for childhood friends and family but I guess connecting with your roots is connecting with your history and what was once there and what still remains. I am so happy that the playground in Cassiobury park didn’t change and the waterfall and locks are still there. It just brings me back immediately. I guess this is what nostalgia is. I feel old now hahahaha.

I am also here because I wanted to travel and I didn’t want to do a minor in the Netherlands. It seemed more exciting to do something abroad. My moms explained to me that studying would be more fun than working. I guess they are right. I chose to study in England. Furthermore, to gain my knowledge of words. At the end of this blog you will see what I have figured out so far. These are words I picked up during class. I’ve only heard them and might be writing them incorrectly. For the dutchies: translation is included.

Tower Bridge. Lie down and start a trend!

Flares = flarden

Uthelised = gebruikt

Digestic and non digestic sound = geluid dat je op dat moment gebruikt en geluid dat je in post productie toevoegt

Laniels = laniels?

Artificial = kunstmatig. Ik begrijp dit al een tijdje, maar toch in contexten vind ik het lastig grip te krijgen op dit woord.

Splice = splice?

Picture in voicture = afbeelding in spraak?

Threshold of perception = op de drempel van perceptie.

Martial law = staat van beleg. In English: military government, involving the suspension of ordinary law.

Mybrid artist film = mybrid artiestenfilm?

Callsheets = oproeplijsten

Medermity = middelbare leeftijd

Engrossing = boeiend. As my American friend explained: you could be losing yourself in a game/film. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I guess the connotation is positive.

Conceptual clarity = conceptuele helderheid/duidelijkheid

Conflate = samenvoegen

Depositry = depot?

Lush subtropical foliage = weelderig subtropisch gebladerte

Mysterious words that might teach me something. I also recommend the app elevate. For now: have a great weekend and there will be another blog next week!

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