Artsy fartsy

I have nearly been here a month and a half now. Soon I’ll be going to Scotland and also to my birthplace Watford but for now I am in London. Life is busy and fast. Honestly a day in bed with a book and some time in the bathtub was one of the best days I had. I think it is more common in England to own a bathtub. I might be wrong about that but I am not complaining.

I made a first version of my photo book. I must say it worked out in the end. It took me two hours to make in Indesign and then it crashed. That didn’t get me down but after using the cutting machine wrong at nine pm I lost it a bit but luckily my housemate was there for good company and always coming up with solutions and so I carried on and finally finished a first version of my photo book.

Last week I also did a project on pink. I do not consider myself as the most feminine person and actually got confronted by the way females dress her to go out and had several conversations about make up and femininity and masculinity with friends and since pink interests me I decided to make a doable project out of it.

We have also pitched our ideas for documentary. I have no idea if someone voted for my idea and if it will go through. My idea was on playfulness and doing something active. I wanted to interview a magician who is playful and mysterious and ask them why performing or rehearsing is important to them and hopefully inspire others to find playfulness in their life.

During another class I decided to go all out on the topic of fun but knew I wouldn’t get any votes.

Surprisingly it got one vote. I felt a bit ashamed of my idea since everyone was being so serious and actually I heard one classmate thought it was a joke. I am actually glad I dared to put my idea out there. I was allowed to put another idea up but that didn’t get any votes at all. It has to do with a key. trickery and a world map. Who knows this idea might come true one day.

Instead the idea is now to photograph and film models surrounded by flowers. It might become too superficial and our teacher feels like it needs a story. Let’s see if we can make it happen. Flowers do fit well with my project of the photo book. I think the audience of the photo book would be females mostly and the purpose of the photo book is a gift. I want cards to be in there and a poster so that the gift keeps on giving. The project in the gallery with the models could actually be for everyone. If the models, female and male get a voice and can talk about femininity and masculinity or their sexual preference it might become interesting to both sexes and all ages.

This time I shared some cultural insights and some schoolwork. Next time more and maybe some interesting places to visit in London. Another friend will be visiting this weekend and I think we’ll have enough to discover together in the big city. Keep you posted!

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