A world filled with new

This week I have been to a vegan place and got a burger. Not really my taste but the one my friend had was pretty good and I had chips which is the best with a good garlic mayo. Can’t wait to have my sweet Dutch mayo since that is also really great! The company was really good and with four girls we enjoyed our Valentine’s day. We also sat at a weird pub where it was very quiet except from two older guys who kept on wanting to impress us with their music taste. They did put on music from our countries such as 99 luftballons for Germany and some country singer for Holland.

We had a few bits of rain but overall the weather has been really nice. It can get a bit windy. In other words, stormy but we’re all good. Sometimes you travel an hour to get somewhere while in the Netherlands I would already be in the next city. I feel like you can travel forever here. It also means there is a lot to see. Such as Notting Hill with very cute coloured houses. Crossing bridges over the river Thames is always a spectacular view and Borough Market is one of the highlights. Having food you have never tried before is very exciting to me. You might discover something you really enjoy and sometimes not but that is a risk I am willing to take. People are really nice at Borough Market. They take their time and have a chat with you. Markets have a good atmosphere. Back in the Netherlands it is very relaxed and I have heard good things about Spanish markets as well. Here you have a lot more options and you can get warm food but it doesn’t stay open after 6.

Soho is also a great place for food and drinks. I have been to the same jazzy cellar again where me and my housemate enjoyed live jazz/bossa nova. While the bossa nova was played the singer made use of a kind of egg shaker. This weekend my friend from the Netherlands is over and together we will discover more and I will also meet up with a childhood friend from Watford. Next week I might have more recommendations for you! I’ll keep you posted!

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