What a difference a day makes. It’s a song. It is the way I am feeling right now. Yesterday I had a pretty good day. I knew today was going to be less good. Hopefully I’ll want to go swimming in an hour. I might feel relaxed afterwards.

I am glad I only have one week left of vacation. I am looking forward to go to school and work. I am scared about the internship I have to do but let’s not focus on that. School will give me purpose and work will give me fulfillment. That’s good. I’ll smile going home wanting to tell my housemates how my day was. Work is such a pleasure. I love helping kids with language. Especially English. My mother tongue. The only language I spoke when I was little. A little Frances.

Little Frances is taped with her mom to see if she could go back living with her since her mom needed care for two years and little Frances had to live in an orphanage. Well, even though I love having the tape, I know it is going to confuse me right now. Lately, it just feels like there are so many thoughts swimming around that there is no room for here and now. Peace. Relaxation. Calmness.

So, what I am going to do is try to remain as calm as possible. Maybe I’ll cook myself a lovely dinner and afterwards give the plants some water if they need it and does anyone know a good show to watch? Something relaxing on YouTube or Netflix? It sounds like a plan. Or maybe chatting. But yeah I actually need some rest. Let’s see if I can manage that somehow.

I hope you are doing well wherever you are and until next time! X

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