I have opened my bedroom window. The curtains are open. The sunlight is coming in. My view is a tree that is catching rays of sunlight and its leaves are swaying in the wind. The sky is blue. I can hear my jazz music playing and I can hear the church bells ringing. Sunday has started.

Today a friend of mine will be coming over. We will be talking English the whole day. He is a childhood friend from Watford. A city near London. He is living in Amsterdam for two years. He’s coming to Zwolle again. My beautiful city. We’ll go bike riding and we’ll visit a tea house.

I have my dark blue bathrobe on and I am covered in dark blue sheets. I am surrounded by plants which I never used to have in my bedroom. Much better. There is a mirror that used to belong to my dad, a painting made by my mom, a lamp that used to belong to my dad. Toiletries, clothes and nightstands and two wardrobes. Just a small space to stand and admire yourself in the mirror. I think this mirror makes you look skinnier. I didn’t buy it with that intent and I am not sure what I think of it but you know what I think most days you should admire yourself in the mirror. I also admire myself for fixing the lamp my father used to own. The plug was British and I made it Dutch and now I can use it here. I did it all by myself. Well… I asked for instructions in the store and then I did it all by myself. I’ve also fixed my wardrobe quite recently. Never saw myself as a handy person and I don’t like putting things together after going to Ikea but I suppose I am not completely helpless haha. One day it might be even time to by a drill. Zzzzzzzzzzzz!

I wonder how your day is going so far. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and had a good night’s rest sleep. I did luckily. I am going to have a shower in a minute and use new weird shampoo I bought at a hairdresser I recently went too. I think my hair is too short now. Oh well, it will grow. I love a long shower – sorry environment – but one day I hope to own a bath tub. That would enrich my life so much.

In a minute I’ll check what the weather will be like – I never used to do this and just looked outside – and will probably decide to wear a dress. I’ll do my hair which means I’ll put some product in it since I have curly hair and one friend made a comment and since then I am trying to get it to be less fussy and I actually like it better with a little product. I’l brush my teeth and I won’t put any make up on. Haven’t done that in years. I like my face the way it is. Nobody comments on me not having any make-up on. I suppose in the Netherlands we are pretty down to earth. After that I’ll take a look at our bike ride. I might be able to figure out which way to go.

I hope you are well and having a lovely time wherever you are and until next time! X

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