Finding out…

Currently I am listening to jazz music. You could say it is my favourite kind of music even though I enjoy various genres. I have been to Trisha’s. It’s a place you wouldn’t find that easily. Nothing on the facade. Only a bouncer who asked us for money. The band would only play for another fifteen minutes he said. Ten pounds each. I paid for my friend’s ticket as well. I needed to see the live jazz. I absolutely don’t regret it. I enjoyed myself so much. I was ecstatic. You could actually dance to the live jazz. Two of my favourite things combined: dancing and jazz. The band even carried on for a bit longer. It was a good way to celebrate I passed my exam. If I could dance every day I would. Maybe I should…

I am still finding out what I want to do here and who I want to do it with. There is so much to do and new people to meet. Going out for dinner was a really good choice too. I could recommend going to Paladar, Alexander The Great and a cute bao place in Waterloo where you first need to go through a really cool graffiti tunnel. There was rap music playing and people spraying paint. I really liked the atmosphere. In the near future I am looking forward to dance classes and going to parks.

Talking about parks. I am sitting inside a lot. Working on photography or film or sitting in class with all the lights switched off because they want to show us films or photography. Every time I think of the sun and how much I miss it. However, it is nice to get to know my classmates and see new things such as a documentary called ‘Humans’. A recommendation I must say. I have also made a film and you might want to check it out. It was just a little project for the week and today I will be filming myself from my perspective. Even going to the toilet! Let’s see if that shot stays in.

See if you get it!

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