Sending digital hugs

I’m home. I’m ill at home, which is fine in a way. It gives me some downtime. When your head is aching and mucus is coming out of your nose, your bed is just a wonderful place to be. I am listening to jazz at the moment. Specifically to the tribute trio.

I am a bit chaotic and especially untidy. There are many tabs open and alerts keep popping up and I don’t know how to get rid of them. I get no alerts on my phone. I like to live in the moment. If I want to open an app, I will, but not because my phone and an alert tell me to. It’s a nice way of living. I also enjoy the app Headspace. It helps me see other perspectives, and be grateful and kind to others.

I had a bad day yesterday, but fortunately, I had all day to recover from it. I got the opportunity to read a little in the book that my students are reading called ‘To sir with love’. I wish I owned a bathtub. I would sit in it multiple times a week and enjoy the calmness of the hot water and a good book. Luckily I own a nice shower and the bathroom is so big, it lends itself to dancing broadly all over the bathroom. Good music, hot water and let’s go!

I hope I’ll sleep well tonight and that the headache will subside tomorrow. I don’t expect the runny nose to be gone, but that’s okay. My roommate will cook for me and my other roommate, which is nice. It’s caring and I think it gives him purpose. He has another week off and not much to do and he is helping us out which is much appreciated. If we all move someday, I will miss them so much. Jelle was away for one week and I already missed him, haha! I’m glad he went though. I stimulated him in going on this trip to Scotland and he had a wonderful time.

Edinburgh is a wonderful place. I have many pictures of my experience there. Especially whilst climbing a mountain. St. Arthur, I believe it is called. He had seen some of the same places and stayed at the same hostel which he was very positive about.

I hope you are having a wonderful time wherever you are and until next time! X

This is me being far from home for so long that I was sending them a digital hug from Edinburgh ❤

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