I am thinking a lot about my past lately. I do have the feeling that my reactions aren’t appropriate though. I am reacting as that little kid that needed someone to stand up for her but I am not living in the past. I am living now. I don’t think diving in my past that much serves me. In that case humour is good for me. Making things not too big and going out to do sports such as dancing. I danced salsa and rueda yesterday. It was so much fun. The rueda was so unexpectedly fun. Such fun! Hahaha

Today I don’t have a lot to do but we can see what the weather is like and I could possibly go and read my book in the park or go for a nice bike ride. Oe! My friends are back from their holiday. I’ll ask how it was! And I’ll see a friend later today and we’re going to play some football. I am looking forward to it. I could also do a little bit of cleaning today. I mean that is never a bad idea. Well, at least for me. I am a bit messy.

I’ll also take care of the plants today and of myself of course. I could make a pasta dish that comes very easily to me but I could also maybe make some wraps. I think I should also go get some new washing pods and some new shampoo. I absolutely hate the new expensive shampoo I bought at the hairdresser. My hair feels greasy all the time and it has lost its softness. I don’t like it. As Chris Evan’s nephew would say: ‘I don’t wike it!’

I hope you are having a good time wherever you are and until next time! X

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