Third week in the Netherlands

Time flies. You’re supposed to say when you’re having fun. I mean I am also having fun but I am also really struggling. I am someone who has a pretty high standard when it comes to social behaviour and expect a lot from myself and from others. This costs a lot of energy. Especially when you are seeing people after four months. Plus, everyone wants to know how my time in London was. Let’s just say it was a little bumpy. I managed but it wasn’t easy. I am very proud that I went though and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am glad that I went. Let’s just say I am still really tired.

I am trying out new routines. I tried kickboxing and dancing at my former dance company but I guess for now it just doesn’t suit me. Maybe I am also just looking for safety by sticking with things that have been part of my routine for four months and just want to keep doing the same. Now I dance salsa in Deventer and I swim. Swimming and salsa; just like in London. Comforting. Not completely the same but still very similar. I enjoy doing both. Swimming makes me aware of my mind and body and dancing salsa is just pure pleasure. It makes me smile.

I am also working on a big portfolio for my education. Since I am lacking in energy it gives me anxiety whether I’ll finish it in time before the deadline and whether it will be good enough. I must say I think I am doing pretty well so far.

Next week I am going to a new hairdresser. It is called ‘The Hair Garden’. They are environmental friendly. Good thing since I shower too long, occasionally eat meat and sometimes drive in my car. I prefer the train though or walking or biking. Biking is just bliss. Pure bliss. Everyone bikes here! In my little city. Compared to London it feels like a village. Nearly every time I go outside there is someone to say hello to. I mean that is lovely if you are in the mood for it but if you aren’t it gives me a bit of anxiety. A friend told me you don’t always have to say hello. I think that is good advice.

It’s nice weather. I am wearing dresses and putting on sunscreen. Tomorrow it might rain. Even though it is such nice weather, my cat is still interested in coming home. Usually he isn’t too bothered and he’d rather come home in the winter but he likes to come home now and I try to give him a lot of attention. I have also bought new food for him.

Next week our new housemate is coming. Exciting and scary. It might be a really good change for all of us. ‘Een frisse wind’ as we would say in Dutch. Haha.

Wish me good luck adjusting and settling here and I hope you are having a good time where ever you are! Until next time! x

Zwolle is beautiful

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