Traveling isn’t always easy

Traveling can be lonely and confronting. I have to say my experience in London hasn’t only been positive. As many things in life. It’s more something in between. I have to say that it was also hard. I didn’t get much sleep. I was either doing a lot or wishing I could do more. I was constantly on a train, bus or tube. Busy tubes. Canned in like a sardine and loud squeaky noises that makes you want to put your fingers in your ears. Feeling lonely on the bus. Feeling lonely at a remote place. I guess you can feel lonely anywhere. Back in the Netherlands or in London. But I have to say I just feel slightly safer in the Netherlands surrounded by people who know me and I have bonded with. I am very grateful though for the bonds I have made in these few months. I hope I will be able to meet these nice, funny, open and socially very intelligent people again. But I am so glad to be home for one week. My city is quiet and green. There are no sirens going off every second. I know I have to go back to London but I’d rather not. I have to go back because I have deadlines. I am looking forward to the viewing of the documentary I was part of. Making that documentary was a good experience. I am also looking forward to going to Taskmaster with Theo. It is one of my favourite shows. I only have to go to London for three more weeks and then I can finally settle back into my own home.

Yesterday I spent with my housemates. We all made a dish and enjoyed each other’s company. We had good laughs. Nice to see them. Today I’ll meet another friend. I had a walk in the early morning since I didn’t sleep that well. It was nice to walk around at sunrise and see how beautiful my city is. ‘My’ city. The city that I live in.

Currently I am lying in bed and my cat decided to join me. He is snoring. My plants didn’t all survive but I’ll try my best to revitalize them and I am considering shipping my plant from London to the Netherlands. It is a fig plant. Big and beautiful. The first thing I found consolation in. Who knows, the fig plant might get a beautiful spot in my living room.

A remote place called Severn Beach.

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