I haven’t written in a while. I have decided to give some reflection a go today. It’s a new year. I don’t believe that I have changed that much. Not in these few days but a lot of things have changed. A year ago I left to London and now I am in my own place. After living in dorms for about 11 years, I have finally made the decision to live on my own. I really wanted to leave because I didn’t click with this girl who was new in our building but I could’ve chosen for another dorm but apparently I felt that it was time to live by myself. A more spacious place. I have been fantasising about this for so long and I think apart from a bath tub the dream has come true. I didn’t imagine living in the city centre but it is very convenient. Maybe cool but I don’t really care about that. I like that everything is nearby and that I can be there in five minutes or even quicker.

I have done a pottery class. A workshop. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t expect it to be so much fun. The instructor was fun. I had a funny friend with me and there was this other interested woman who asked a lot of questions. She was about our age which was nice. My friend isn’t able to do the full course now but maybe we will do it later in the year.

I have met a very nice neighbour and she might take salsa or bachata lessons with me. We enjoyed tea together on several occasions and we had a nice walk with my former housemate on New Year’s day.

I have decided to become a volunteer at the library. I am going to help others with language. I am going to teach Dutch. It is interesting how I am always going back and forth between these two languages. English and Dutch.

I will be starting a new internship this February. I will be teaching English at a very creative school in my city. I am excited. I only have to do four more portfolios and then I am graduated. I actually passed all of my exams. My Cambridge exams and a very big exam covering materials over more than two years of study and additional materials. For the upcoming half year I have decided to focus on one portfolio.

I have also decided on kickboxing. It is so much fun. I really enjoy spending time with my trainer. He is always giving you a riddle and making jokes. We enjoy each other’s company. Plus, I hope it will be good for all of my muscles.

I don’t think all of these hobbies or sports have that much to do with the New Year. I am always changing it up and trying new things. Kickboxing is familiar. I have been going to salsa evenings for free for a while but the lessons would be new. Pottery class later in the year will be totally new. As being a volunteer and a few mindfulness trainings given by my university. I did the same in London and Bristol though. I followed a few yoga/mindfulness lesson that were given by theuniversity/school. I might look up some additional lessons in my city.

I have to look at some tests my students made. So, I have to go. I hope you are having a great time wherever you are and until next time! X

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