A glimmer of hope: support group for foster kids / orphans

Everything screams inside of me. One thought after another. I am listening to reggae music now. That is kind of soothing. It’s happy and relaxed at the same time. The way I wish I felt I suppose. Everything in me screams for recognition. I read about this other foster kid. She is also searching for contact with other foster kids. Who knows, I might be able to speak to her. Maybe other foster kids would like to chat with me. Maybe one day I could start a support group. I can’t help but feel different and I think there are others out there that feel the same, but I just don’t seem to find them. Yet. There is hope. I think it is really courageous of this woman to write a biography and that she started with another book where she is bundling stories of other foster children. Being a foster kid isn’t easy. I mean it is lovely and I am grateful for my foster family and at the same time it is a real struggle and on top of that there is no one going through the same thing or something similar. Losing your parents makes you feel really lonely and being a foster kid and all the experiences with being an orphan and foster kid and no one to share it with who gets it makes it even more lonely. But today I felt there is a glimmer of hope. Who knows, one day I might actually find that recognition. Maybe I should never give up hope. Just try to find other foster kids, hope, empathy and each other. The connection. The connection I am craving. There must be others out there that feel the same way. I have been feeling this for a long time, but there isn’t a support group out there. So here it is: I live in Zwolle. And if you are a foster kid who wants contact please e-mail me. I speak fluently Dutch by the way. My e-mail address is: francesbensink@live.nl

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